Top Ten Books of 2017

This is a weekly blog meme by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is top ten books I read in 2017, which I was really hoping would come up as a theme in December because I was wanting to do a post for this.

Now 2017 hasn’t finished yet, so I’m going to do the books I’ve read so far.

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Current Readathon

Now this is a readathon for me! This readathon focuses on the books you are currently reading or have put down in the past and want to continue. It runs from 11th December to 17th December and the twitter is here.



  • Finish a book you set aside over a year ago.
  • Finish a book you set aside this year.
  • Finish a book you set aside halfway through the book.
  • Finish your current read.
  • Read 5 books.

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November Wrap-Up

I definitely did not read as much during November as I did during October. To be fair, I don’t think I could have ever read as much during November as I did during October. I did Nanowrimo during the month of November so I was concentrating on writing (over here on my writing blog), I did Tome Topple Round 5 which is a readathon which focuses on long books and I started work! Fun fact, if you go back to work after not working for a while and you have an annoying commute, it sucks up more of your time than you think.

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