March TBR

Red Purple and Yellow Tulip Fields

February was a bit of a wash, both reading and blog wise. But the weather is getting brighter, the end of lockdown is in sight and things are moving in real life (I’m buying a house and it is stressful). So I’m feeling very positive about March. There aren’t any readathons for March planned, apart from trying to read some middle-grade and mystery novels.

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Among Us Readathon Wrap Up


This readathon was one I signed up for at the last minute and then ignored for a little while after. But then I got back onto it and managed to complete the tasks by the skin of my teeth (I finished off three books in the last two days of the month). The TBR is here. There is going to be a Round 2 based on the points you can gain from this round, but the date is still TBA.

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January TBR

Gray Snow Flake Wall Decor

This TBR is coming late, I know, but it felt like the first week of January was taking forever and now the second week I’ve blinked and it’s gone. Since we’re already halfway through the month, we’ll see how well this TBR goes. I don’t have much else to do this month apart from read, write and work (thanks to the lockdown) so we’ll see how that goes.

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Among Us Readathon TBR


I have not played this game but I’ve been watching so many videos about other people playing (did I ever think I would be one of those people?). And I love the look of this readathon, I think I’m going to make it as an ongoing set of posts, rather than a TBR all in one. You can choose which path you want to go on and I chose to be an imposter! Spoilers behind the cut.

The information for this readathon is here and the twitter is here. This readathon runs for the month of January so I’m starting a little late.

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2020 Wrap Up

2020 Balloons

Well, what can be said about the year that hasn’t already been said? Safe to say, no one expected anything that happened this year. I’m a nurse so thankfully I was able to keep on working and have that job security. I also live with my family so I wasn’t alone for the lockdown but now where I live has gone into second lockdown (they call it Tier 4 but it is effectively a localised lockdown) and it’s starting to get to me a bit. I thought we might have more of a timeline for anything really, but no.

But this is a book blog, not me having opinions about what the UK government is doing. So focusing on my bookish and reading goals – they didn’t go so well. I had two reading slumps this year and I’m still in the middle of one. But while I didn’t get everything I wanted done, I got more done than I thought.

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1000 Doors: Prompt 4

Okay, I was a little quicker with the third prompt than I had been for the second. I’m aiming to have this readathon finished by the end of the year but we shall see considering there is less than three weeks until the end of the year. Can you believe it’s that close to 2021?

If you want an introduction to this readathon, it is here. It was meant to be for November but the videos are all still up so people can do it at whatever pace they want.

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