The Triple B

In Logan’s opinion, The Bailey Brothers Bakery shouldn’t be famous for its cupcake flavors, they should be famous for their incredibly attractive deliveryman, Ethan. Logan’s never been very lucky in dating, no one’s ever wanted to call him theirs, but when Ethan smiles at him, Logan’s ready to try falling in love like he’s never been hurt. Goodreads, The Triple B (UK), The Triple B (USA)

After finishing ‘The Triple B’, my first thought was that all the happy endings may have been really unrealistic but I couldn’t care less.

The Triple B follows Logan, co-owner of the Triple B bakery, and his relationship with the delivery man, Ethan. But instead of focusing on just one relationship like a lot of romance novels do, this book looked at all the relationships because Logan didn’t just care about Ethan, he cared about his brother and his friends and how their relationships were doing. And after Logan and Ethan got together, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, they actually had to work at their relationship.

I did like how the book addressed homophobia, especially family related homophobia, but didn’t make it the only problem in the novel or with the relationships. It didn’t shy away from it and pretend everything was roses, but it also didn’t make it the only reason for conflict in the relationships, especially Logan. And it even addressed how biphobia can mess with your head, with family but also how you feel like you have to choose a ‘side’ and how sometimes you feel like you have ‘straight passing privilege’ (no such thing).

So everyone ever having a happy ending in the book may be unrealistic but, by God, they definitely earned their happy ending.

I gave it four stars because one thing bugged me as I read on was how there are almost no women in the main cast of characters. There’s Karen (who’s brilliant by the way) and that’s it. And there are about eight other main characters and they’re all men. And even though Karen is awesome, she’s not quite developed as the other characters. Everyone else their pasts, interests and relationships get developed a lot, even Connor who doesn’t show up until halfway through the book, but not so much with Karen. Then she disappears for months and it’s handwaved away.

And I would have loved to see other good, healthy family relationships apart from Logan and Luke.

Even with this, I still enjoyed this book. I got to the end of the book and was left smiling.

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