His Roommate’s Pleasure

It started with an accidental click…but where will it end?

Desperate to turn in a paper, Adam borrows his roommate’s computer and mistakenly opens a folder that contains Josh’s collection of porn. Adam had no idea that his jock roommate was gay—and into leashes, paddles and domination. And Adam, an inexperienced virgin who’s only ever kissed one guy, is surprised to find himself curious about submitting…

Josh can’t believe that his roommate discovered his spank bank—and he can’t believe that Adam is so turned on by the thought of giving up control to someone. Taking a chance, he offers to look through the photos with Adam…and maybe try acting some of them out.

Night after night, the boys delve into their darkest fantasies of domination and submission. And as lust and experimentation grow into the promise of something deeper, Adam must decide if he’s brave enough to tell Josh how he feels. Goodreads, UK, US

Short but sweet is how I would describe this book.

Adam is a college student who borrows his roommate’s laptop one day and discovers BDSM porn on it. When Josh interrupts him, they both realise that they have that in common and start trying a few things out.

There was many things I liked about this book and a few things I didn’t, but most of the things I didn’t could have been solved by the book being a bit longer.

One thing I liked in this book is something I intensely disliked about 50 Shades of Grey and that is the discussion of what BDSM is, what each other’s limits are and consent. It happens a few times in the book, either before or in the middle of the sex scenes. It didn’t just happen once, it happened over and over again. Consent is important for everything but especially in BDSM and when they’re new to BDSM as well.

The actual sex scenes also managed to be both hot and sweet, frequently at the same time, which is always appreciated. Part of the draw with sex scenes for me is seeing the relationship between the people involved so it isn’t like they are interchangeable with anyone else.

I did like how they managed to have their disagreements and neither of them is particularly right over the other, but they both developed their relationship together. I would have liked more but that could have been solved by the book being a bit longer and looking over a longer length of time.The plot point I found interesting was how Josh comes out to his friends. Ben doesn’t react well and Nate is confused but supportive – I think that seeing how Josh deals with coming out when he didn’t mean to (not that he seemed to regret it, just that it wasn’t planned at that time) would have benefited from being expanded on a little. I don’t think that every LGBTQ+ book needs to have a coming out narrative but if it is set in the modern world as we know it, coming out would come up sometime. Having friends that don’t handle the initial surprise well but are supportive and start to unlearn some of the homophobic crap they have internalised is something I would love to see more of.
I think this book ended just as it was starting to pick up speed, so while I really enjoyed it and would recommend it, I think that I wouldn’t give it five stars just because I felt like there were plot points left hanging just a little.

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