Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up in the middle of a maze without any memories except for his name. And he’s stuck with other teenage boys in the same predicament. They have to find their way out of the maze.

If only the maze didn’t change at night. And there weren’t horrifying nightmare monsters called Grievers that roamed the maze and wanted to kill you.

So a few hurdles to freedom.

Okay, fair warning. I think my watching the movie before reading the book affected my view of it a little. The movie was pretty faithful to the book until the ending when it changed a lot.

I’m not normally a fan of dystopias, but I would have actually liked to see the creators of the maze, keeping the boys there to observe human behaviour under those sort of conditions. And then sending in the girl and seeing what the boys would do. Rather than a complicated explanation of testing brains so they could see who could resist the Flare.

I get that this is one book in three but this book does not do well standing on its own. I feel irritated that the book ended there and want to know what Stage 2 is but not enough to buy the next book. Maybe if it was free I would read it but not before then.

I thought this was a good book but I think this is one of the times (the Hobbit is the other) where I actually prefer the film to the book. Doesn’t normally happen because I normally like to read characters’ thought processes and not just rely on the acting skills of the actors or me being able to read the emotions correctly. But Thomas’ thoughts added nothing to the story. Literally nothing. And it annoyed me in a whole new way as well.

The annoying thing was that after Teresa showed up, the story took a detour into romance which really wasn’t needed. All the talk about how pretty Teresa was and how Thomas wanted to be with her bored the crap out of me.

Okay, honestly, the romance wouldn’t have bored me quite so much if it wasn’t the only romance ever mentioned. A group of what, thirty something teenage boys and not one of them is gay or bisexual? A mention of how Thomas finds Minho attractive or how he caught Newt kissing Alby’s forehead while the other was comatose, just a mention that heterosexuality is not the only orientation there is.

Either mention the fact that there are other relationships except for het relationships or make Teresa Thomas’ twin sister and have the connection that way so there is no romance whatsoever. Stop giving me all these straight relationships in my YA dystopias and ignoring the potential for non-straight relationships.

Wrap up time. This book was okay. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I don’t regret it reading it but I could quite happily return it and not give it a second thought. Three stars it is.


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