Huntress is a girl meets girl story but the two girls are fighting for their world and the lives of everyone in it. And there’s Fae, sages, an ice palace and a unicorn.

I feel like I should say that I read Malinda Lo’s book Ash before this one and they’re in the same universe. This was the wrong order, especially because I read Ash about a year ago and details have faded.

Looking at Huntress on its own, I really enjoyed it. The supernatural world was really well developed and I really want to know what happened when Taisin went back to the Council and asked for the truth about everything.

Lo manages to explain enough of the supernatural world without info dumping or you getting completely lost. I really loved the idea of the changeling babies and the ghosts in the woods. Oh, and the unicorn. Can’t forget the unicorn which seems to be epitome of innocence but it also silently judges you. If it finds you wanting, it’ll gouge you to death on its horn. So there’s that.

The variety of characters was wonderful, none of them being completely evil although Elowen comes pretty close. I did feel sad when Pol and Tali died but that was more to do with their manner of death than how developed their characters were. I also pretty much predicted that they would be the two to die. They were the least developed and had no love interests. This annoyed me more than a little but Kaede and Taisin made up for it a lot.

The two of them, Kaede and Taisin, are both incredibly sweet and obviously adore each other. I would loved a little more development of their relationships but as characters, I found them wonderful.

I would loved a little more on Con. The bit in the Qui land was not enough. The agonising nerves and worry over his party was all too obvious then but I would have been happy if it had shown up a little more before then. Also I would have been quite happy if Shae hadn’t been his love interest. I loved the two of them separately as characters but not together as a couple. It gave the feeling that Shae was only there and sympathetic because she was Con’s love interest. It almost definitely wasn’t intended like that, but it still felt a bit off.

This book took a little while to get into but as always with Malinda Lo’s books, it was definitely worth it. I’m giving this four stars and would definitely recommend.


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