Game Misconduct

Oriana’s ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend and father are involved with the same ice hockey team. Her father goes too far in trying to control her and she carries out a plan to get her name splashed all over the newspapers.

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Another hockey romance that doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the hockey or romance sides of the equation. To be honest, I abandoned this book very quickly (my Kindle said 22%). I don’t normally do this for books because I hate leaving them unfinished but I kept hoping this book would get better. But it didn’t.

You’ll have to look on the good reads page to see a full list of kinks that came up in this book. Safe to say, I didn’t get to all of them but the ones I did get weren’t really my cup of tea. I still would have read on though, if not for several other factors.

The hidden plot behind this book is that the Oriana’s father (who owns the team) will cut her off if she leaves her emotionally abusive, cheating monster of a boyfriend. Who is also the coach to the hockey team. And she left her ex, Max, (one of the players on the team) for this coach. Complicated is one way to describe it.

Anyway, if the book looked like it was going to focus on this plot, then great. But it seemed more interested in describing in a lot of detail how the Oriana wasn’t just attracted to Max anymore, but also several players on the team. I mean all power to her but she was written as very unsure of this attraction with the men leading her to ‘enlightment’ and that got dull really quickly.

The final nail in the coffin was how nothing was the Oriana’s idea. She is the one in the crappy situation and its random men that are giving her the plan to get back at her father and her coach boyfriend, a plan which she doesn’t seem too happy about. Considering the way the other women had been written in the book, I didn’t hold out much hope for things improving.

So one star it is. But I’ve provided the links above if you really want to try it out.


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