Never Kiss A Rake

Bryony Russell tries to clear her father’s name by going undercover as a housekeeper in a one of his old business partner’s house. This business partner, Adrian Bruton (Earl of Kilmartyn) is married to a beautiful, horrible women and really likes the look of his new housekeeper.

Goodreads, UK, US

Yeah, I wasn’t impressed by this book. Even by Mills and Boon/Harlequin standards, I found it irritating. The romance itself was alright, it actually developed at a pace that didn’t make me tilt my head to the side and stare.

But, my God, did the characters themselves annoy me. Kilmartyn was saying to himself ‘I can’t sleep with her she’s a virgin’ and then the very next page said ‘oh I’m a heartless scoundrel so I can sleep with her if I want’. And he has this great tragic past which I’m still confused about and didn’t have much of an impact on the story apart from him angsting about Bryony discovering his ‘secret’.

Bryony was a little better. Sometimes she put herself into ridiculous situations (yeah, he may be sleeping, but you don’t need to kiss him) which had moving the plot along reasons I’m sure. I did find it weird that she was so attached to her sisters but was quite happy to swam off a honeymoon for however long it takes for the man who tried to kill them to be arrested. But no, a letter will be fine (even if there is a possibility it will get lost) to explain everything and therefore she doesn’t have to worry as she has lots of sex on a boat.

The main plot, aside from the romance, I found relatively interesting. I thought the final confrontation was a bit out of the blue but that could be because by that point I was just slogging through the book to try and get to the end. Possibly because it took ages to get to the actual plot and possibly because it wasted pages and pages on Kilmartyn being a complete weirdo and Bryony being the standard Blushing Virgin.

So, two stars, wouldn’t recommend but I did manage to finish it and it wasn’t completely offensive to me.


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