Roving Pack

Click is a homeless transgender teen that has recently moved back to Portland, Oregon. This book is about the community that Click is a part of, for good and for ill.

Goodreads, Amazon UK, US, CA

I don’t know whether it’s a mark of a good or bad book when it finishes and you blink at the page and go ‘you’re just going to stop it there?!’ but I suppose it’s a sign that it’s a not a book that you can just take or leave. You either love it or hate it (like Marmite). I can’t decide which camp I fall into.

First of all I need to make the disclosure that I’m not homeless and have never been homeless. I have never had to get a restraining order out on my own mother (thank God for that) and I’m cisgender. So take any opinions I have with a grain of salt.

I started reading this book in a coffee shop and then promptly didn’t move for an hour and a half apart from to drink my tea. Then I realised the stink eyes I was getting from the staff for taking up a table and went home and finished the book. It was interesting and just as I was thinking I could put it down, it sucked me back in. The characters drove this story one hundred percent. The main plot was a bit up in the air, Click is trying to fit in with the pack? Click is leading the pack? But I liked it anyway. The number of different people that Click encountered was astounding but I never forgot who someone was and who they were to Click.

Oh Click. Sometimes you make really bad decisions and if I was your sister/friend/roommate, I would point out that what you’re doing is only going to hurt in the long run but I knew you wouldn’t listen.

Click’s want to be in a relationship and be taken care of was endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. It led hir into a bad relationship with Hunter (I wanted to punch him in the face so badly, never mind that he’s a fictional character) and to a previous bad relationship with James (who also sounds horrible). Click’s relationship in general sound quite negative a lot of the time (don’t me started on hir biological family) and even people ze trusted ended up letting hir down.

I admit, I’m probably letting the ending of the book colour my view. What happens is that Click starts to transition with T mostly because Hunter thinks that Click isn’t really trans because ze doesn’t want to transition. And then Click starts to get to know hirself a bit better and realise that ze wants to stop T and then gets a lot of hate from the community because ze isn’t really trans because of this apparently.

And then the book ended! After everyone had been huge dickheads by saying Click how ze should identify and saying they weren’t going to talk to hir anymore, the book stopped!

I want to smack my head against the wall. I know this is probably very realistic for people who are gender fluid, especially genderqueer teenagers, to not only face transphobia from cisgender people but also from the trans community as well and in life there are no happy, perfect endings, but I just wanted Click to have one friend that was fine with everything.

I also want to slap many people in the novel ¬†around the face but that’s not going to happen.

Four stars because it was a thoroughly enjoyable book but the ending left me more than a little annoyed.


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