Alfie the Doorstep Cat

For all fans of A Street Cat Named Bob, this is the only book to find in your stocking this Christmas. Can a pet really change your life? Alfie is homeless, abandoned after his elderly owner passes away. But when he stumbles on to Edgar Road, Alfie knows he’s found his new home. However, the street’s residents don’t agree – the last thing they need is another stray cat, and he is shooed away from many doorsteps. But as life throws its worst at the residents of Edgar Road, they soon realise how much they all need Alfie – a cat who brings hope to the darkest times, and who will always be a friend to those in need.¬†Summary from Goodreads, Amazon

This book was a present from Christmas and I had never heard of it before I got it as a gift. It seemed nice enough, the summary didn’t draw me that much so I read a good few months later. Let’s get this straight, this is a story about a cat from a cat’s point of view – so how on Earth did it manage to cover quite so much?

After Alfie’s owner dies, he hears that her daughter and her son-in-law want to get rid of him. He runs away and is cold and hungry and miserable when he comes across an idea (or another cat gives him the idea) – instead of one family, he’s going to have four. Seems like a good idea to me.

Alfie’s families are very, very different to each other and the way they treat him is very different, but I am amazed how many issues the author managed to cover in a book from a cat’s POV. Alfie doesn’t understand what’s going on but the author manages to leave enough clues that you know before there’s even a name for it. Postpartum depression, xenophobia and abusive relationships are all featured in this book and I think in a very realistic way (bear in mind I’ve experienced none of the above). Alfie can’t fix all of them but he manages to prompt the people affected to find other people that can help.

This was an enjoyable, easy to read book in spite of some of the subject matter and I really would recommend it. I’ve preordered the sequel on Amazon Kindle (here) which I hardly ever do. As reluctant as I am to give any book five stars, I think this is one book that deserves it.


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