Happy New Year!

I’m still getting used to writing ‘2016’ on everything and I’ve already made my personal 2016 goals. New Year’s Resolutions are always fun, even though a few of these I’ve started doing back in December and I’m posting them here so I can be held accountable.


  • To update this blog regularly. Minimum of weekly and if I can’t, then I need to give an explanation why I haven’t updated that week.
  • To post more about my writing on this blog. Short stories that I entered for competitions that didn’t get chosen, ideas about the novels I’m writing etc.


  • To get back into the habit of reading regularly and not discard it as ‘being idle’.
  • To keep track of what books I read on Goodreads.

And of course there’s my non-writing/reading resolutions like giving blood and eating more healthily but I won’t be posting about them much here.

My to-read pile has grown so big now however that I won’t be accepting any more books to review (unless it’s a Goodreads giveaway). Sorry about that! Maybe when I get through the books I already own and have on my to-read list, I’ll open it up a bit more.

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