The Demon Road

Killer cars, vampires, undead serial killers: they’re all here. And the demons? Well, that’s where Amber comes in…Sixteen years old, smart and spirited, she’s just a normal American teenager until the lies are torn away and the demons reveal themselves.

Forced to go on the run, she hurtles from one threat to another, revealing a tapestry of terror woven into the very fabric of her life. Her only chance rests with her fellow travellers, who are not at all what they appear to be…

Goodreads, Amazon UK

This book I picked up in a charity shop partly because of the cover and partly because of the blurb. It really wasn’t what I expected and I think it’s in a good way? It did take me about two weeks to finish this book because it kind of stalled halfway through but when I started reading it again, I found it very quick.

Things I liked: the plot. The plot was great, always moving along with the events connecting nicely. People have compared this to Supernatural and I agree, the bigger main plot advancing while smaller subplots crop up along the way. This book managed to take a common YA trope, teenage girl finds herself launched into the supernatural, and put a brand new spin on it. I mean, demon girl has to run from her parents since they want to eat her to get more powerful? Yeah, that definitely isn’t something I see often.

The book started off fast, Amber’s parents were incredibly creepy even without all the talk about wanting to kill her and only got worse as the book went on. Excellent villains even if they were out of the point of view most of the time. It slowed down a little in the middle, I think when the plot started to focus more on the characters for a little while.

The weak point of this book were the characters. The side characters like Jacob, Abigail and Althea were interesting and I did like Milo, his and Amber’s relationship was interesting as it developed. It was obvious he started to care for her as more than a job by the end of the book and Amber pretty much relied on him the whole time. Amber and Glen on the other hand were very annoying. Glen was annoying but he grew on me like he obviously grew on Milo and Amber, his creepy fascination with Amber’s demon half aside. With Amber, there was something about her voice which bugged me. She didn’t make the best first impression when half the time she was describing her friend in the first chapter of the book, she described how incredibly attractive her friend was compared to her. Either Amber is romantically interested in this friend or she has some major self-esteem issues and I have to say, I would have preferred the first one. Although she didn’t think about her friend at all after that first chapter so maybe not.

This brings me to my next major bugbear which was how many times Amber’s looks or otherwise were mentioned. We get it, she’s more attractive in her demon form than she is in her human one. She’s mentioned it, random side characters have mentioned it, it’s mentioned pretty much every time she changes. And the constant put downs of her human looks were aggravating as well. I got so tired of barely a chapter passing without her looks being mentioned. The only time it was relevant was when she was captured by the witch but by that time, it had already been mentioned ten times so I just rolled my eyes at another mention.

On the other hand, the action scenes and worldbuilding were good and the book ended on an interesting enough note that I would be tempted to buy the sequel. Four stars!


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