The Ghostly Father

Romeo and Juliet – was this what really happened? When Juliet Roberts is asked to make sense of an ancient Italian manuscript, she little suspects that she will find herself propelled into the midst of one of the greatest love stories of all time. But this is only the beginning. As more hidden secrets come to light, Juliet discovers that the tragic tale of her famous namesake might have had a very different outcome…

Goodreads, Amazon UK

I really like books which reinvent the classics or put a new spin on them. There’s Dating Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Song of Achilles are a few examples, all of which I’ve read and enjoyed so I was predisposed to like this book as well.  Everything came together in this book in order to fit in with the play and have a happy ending at the same time. It was enjoyable, even if everything seemed to fit too neatly. But things like Romeo never finding out Lorenzo was his real father just stopped things from getting too cookie cutter.

The manuscript being read from someone in the future was a little cliche but it did work because we got to find out the ending and what happened to all the different characters and there was a lot of different characters we cared about. Characters that didn’t get a lot of screen time in the play like Romeo’s mother and his friends.

Lorenzo was a nice character with a good backstory but he was too perfect at times if you ask me and the book goes a little too far with the ‘wise monk’ thing. And I wasn’t anymore convinced by Romeo and Juliet’s love this time, no matter how much it happened to Lorenzo or how much he could ‘see’ their love.

I liked this book but there wasn’t anything particularly memorable about it. I don’t regret reading it but it’s not something I would read again. Three stars! 



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