Starts tomorrow! I would love to stay up to start writing for Nanowrimo at midnight but 1) I’m not sure I’ll be able to do anything apart from sleep on my keyboard if I do and 2) a lot of people who take part in Nanowrimo are in the Americas so their midnight would be a lot later than mine and would take half the fun out of starting at midnight. Getting up early and doing some writing straight away would probably be more my thing.

I have mostly everything ready and I’ve got a lovely comfy writing space, though I’ll probably move around the house. I’ll be doing at least a weekly post about how I’m doing at Nanowrimo and I’ll post any more links or resources I find over the month.

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Boo!Maldon Williams was nine years old when he saw a clown murder his parents. The clown used a kitchen knife to cut their throats from ear to ear, and blood dripped down the walls in thick, oozing rivers.

Ben Night was once a successful author, whose career now seems washed up. But his horror novel ‘Clownz’ is about to become all too real. Real enough to break into his own home.

Jane Brady is the police detective investigating a string of monstrous killings, connected only by Night’s book. Has its villain, Sparkles The Clown, inspired these real-life atrocities?

From the pages of fiction, Sparkles walks the world, leaving behind only the flayed faces of his victims and a single word written in blood:

Goodreads, Amazon UK 

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Spookathon Wrap-Up

The Spookathon finished on Sunday 23rd October (my post here) and while I will be doing reviews for most of the books I read, some of them I didn’t have much to say. I am happy to say that I managed to read five books during the Spookathon, even if I neglected my packing to finish, and completed all the five challenges!

This Spookathon was a mixed bag, there was a huge variety of books and it varied how I felt about them. I’m really glad I did it, I wouldn’t have read these books at this time if it hadn’t been for this readathon and it pushed me to finish all of them by the end of the week because I can’t resist a challenge. This is my spoiler free wrap up of all five books.

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Darkest Fear

What is your birthright?

Since she discovered the truth when she turned 13, Vivi Neves has rejected everything her parents hold dear – their heritage, culture, traditions, and especially their dark family secret. They are haguari – cat people, shapeshifters who turn into jaguars, as their ancestors have done for thousands of years.

Then, tragically, her parents are killed. Vivi can cling to her own beliefs and live her life the way she wants – or she can embrace her heritage and avenge her parents’ deaths.

With danger closing in on her, her decision is forced… and she’s pulled deeper into a mystery that gets darker and more dangerous. Finally, she must face her heritage… or die.

Goodreads, Amazon UK

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Autumn Books!

I got this idea from Kalyn Nicholson’s own video (I adore her channel, the videos are really well made and she has a good variety) and then the many other videos on Youtube with the same idea. I have done four books I’ve read since the start of autumn (1st September) and one book I am planning to read before the end of October. There isn’t a theme, it’s just the books I have read so far since the beginning of September. So five books to read this autumn (or fall if you’re American) this way…

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I saw this post on comfyreading’s blog (here) and thought that I obviously did not have enough to do with finishing a novel, packing to move and actually working in between, so I’ll be doing Spookathon.

Video explanation here

Basically it’s a readathon for 17th-23rd October where you have to read lots of spooky stories. Thrillers seem to be mentioned a lot in the videos, but it’s pretty much anything spooky. There are also readathon challenges and while I may not be very good at them, I love reading challenges. I will also be experimenting with picture links in this post, so beware.

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Nanowrimo Prep Resources

As exciting as Nanowrimo is, I find getting ready for it September/October time is just as exciting. You have the dash to the end of October but you also have the anticipation as everyone sorts out their character templates, lines up their inspiration speeches/videos/pictures and stocks their freezer with every meal that could possibly be cooked in under thirty minutes. And the weather is getting colder and Halloween is coming, so lots of spooky stories and movies coming out right about now. Great inspiration if you’re writing a horror novel! Not as much if you’re writing another genre but at least it’s fun.

I’ll be doing another post about what I’m doing to prepare for Nanowrimo but this post is simply about the resources I found useful to prep so far.

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War of Art

I’ve talked about this book War of Art on my Goodreads account and done a review here. I will be touching on a few points from my review and simply expanding on them. I’m not going to touch on the few incredibly inaccurate and unpleasant things the author mentioned in the book, because many other reviewers of the book has done the same thing already.

First of all, this book was recommended by Thomas Frank on his Youtube channel. I find his videos interesting and inspiring, despite not being in university anymore, and I tend to put faith in his opinion but I disagreed with his opinion that the War of Art was worth reading. It’s not only him, I’ve seen it a few times on various other sites and Youtube videos. I watch/read a lot of motivational/anti-procrastination things like that and the one thing this book tells you about is procrastination.

This book calls procrastination ‘resistance’ so that’s what I’ll call it in this post to avoid confusion. It mentions that procrastination is the most common manifestation of resistance but from what was described, they sound exactly the same thing apart from procrastination is what you do and resistance is something inside of you. Resistance is simultaneously impersonal and out to get you, it is never-ending and everyone suffers from it. The author spent 37% of the book describing resistance (I was reading this on Kindle), including how resistance could masquerade as sex (cheap, easy fix was how it was described) and help you to cast yourself as a victim (as you go to the doctor for your likely ‘imaginary’ illness). This was dull.

The next part of the book was about combating resistance and I thought were were finally going to get to the inspiring, self-help stuff. Like Marie Kondo in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying spend a third of the book talking about how weird she was about tidying when she was younger and now has made a career out of it (good for her I say). But unlike Kondo’s book, this book did not go anyway with the title. It told me various things that I already knew (if you want your dream to come true, treat it like a job and actually do the work) but it spread out the words. I could have condensed down the useful information of this book into two chapters.

The trouble is, I read self-help books like this to feel inspired. Reading about how to write ten thousand words in a day is a great way to inspire me to go and see if I can write that many in a day (I can but it’s not something I do often) but this didn’t do that. I felt tired and a little bored after this book and I didn’t feel like I had learned anything or even wanted to get back to writing my book after reading this one. That is the opposite of what this genre is supposed to do. Just no.


The Defectives

“I want to be all right.”
“Define ‘all right’.”

Juniper Johnson’s life shattered the moment that her spine did. The teenager had initially planned on attending an elite high school for students with superabilities. Instead, she is shipped off to Effective “Defective” Academy – an institution for children with superabilities and disabilities. With the help of her friends, her kind professor, and her less-than-kind mentor, Juniper learns what it means to be disabled, what it means to be a superhero, and what it means to be human.

Goodreads, Amazon UK

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