Nanowrimo Prep Resources

As exciting as Nanowrimo is, I find getting ready for it September/October time is just as exciting. You have the dash to the end of October but you also have the anticipation as everyone sorts out their character templates, lines up their inspiration speeches/videos/pictures and stocks their freezer with every meal that could possibly be cooked in under thirty minutes. And the weather is getting colder and Halloween is coming, so lots of spooky stories and movies coming out right about now. Great inspiration if you’re writing a horror novel! Not as much if you’re writing another genre but at least it’s fun.

I’ll be doing another post about what I’m doing to prepare for Nanowrimo but this post is simply about the resources I found useful to prep so far.

These are my top five resources I’m using this October to prepare for Nanowrimo! Videos, articles, books, I have them all! If it’s not on my list, I probably haven’t seen it or didn’t remember it in time but please feel free to comment with more links.

All the books link to Goodreads because they normally have links to various different retailers and you can pick your favourite.

  1. No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty
    • My go-to book. My mum gave me the updated edition for my birthday so I’ll be reading that this year. I’m sure I could recite it in my sleep since I read it before and during every Nanowrimo I’ve done, but it still gets me excited and raring to go.
  2. Rachael Stephen’s Prep_tober and her Youtube Channel
    • Newly discovered and I’m already loving it. There was a link to her Prep_tober on the Nanowrimo forums and I followed the link, followed the Twitter and subscribed to the Youtube channel.
    • A quick note – her ambient noise for writing video had some great links, I am loving the Harry Potter Ambient Sound playlist.
  3. Plot Your Book In a Month with Scrivener by Stephanie Draven
    • I haven’t finished this book quite yet, so I’ll let you know if it turns out to be a really, really bad idea, but I’ve already explored my protagonist and my antagonist more than I had with any other character templates.
  4. Katytastic Youtube Nanowrimo Prep
    • She’s rewriting rather than completely starting from scratch so her advice is a little different from a lot of the other advice out there, which I think is useful if you’re a Nanowrimo rebel. This video is one I really like and I’m going to check the others out too.
  5. Habitica Nanowrimo Guild
    • I’ve joined two of their challenges, the nanowrimo prep one and the marathon words one. It’s made me die on Habitica and lose all my gold because I missed a day so now I’m extra motivated!

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