Spookathon Wrap-Up

The Spookathon finished on Sunday 23rd October (my post here) and while I will be doing reviews for most of the books I read, some of them I didn’t have much to say. I am happy to say that I managed to read five books during the Spookathon, even if I neglected my packing to finish, and completed all the five challenges!

This Spookathon was a mixed bag, there was a huge variety of books and it varied how I felt about them. I’m really glad I did it, I wouldn’t have read these books at this time if it hadn’t been for this readathon and it pushed me to finish all of them by the end of the week because I can’t resist a challenge. This is my spoiler free wrap up of all five books.

Schooled by Magic

So like Harry Potter. Like really, really similar, up until the last third of the book where it really wasn’t. It’s a good thing I like these kind of magic school books because I think the similarities to Harry Potter on top of the little digs at Harry Potter would have led me to putting this book down in irritation. Harry Potter is a mixture of whimsical and dangerous and this book just takes out the whimsical. It may make it more realistic but it makes it a lot less fun to read.

Also so much info dump. Like a good third of the book for all this info dump about the magic system and while it was interesting to know, it was a slog to get through.

3/5 stars

Studies of Beasties

More interesting than the Schooled by Magic book but I swear the main character swings between ‘happy with her life’ to ‘wondering how her life had gone to hell’ at the drop of a hat and with no provocation. Her outlook on life changed between one chapter to the next, her inner monologue seemed happy and then she was sobbing into her cat’s fur. Her motivations were quite bizarre to me at times and some of her decisions were really poor.

That said the plot was interesting and I wasn’t expecting that twist.

3/5 stars

13 bullets 

Very interesting thriller, good pacing and while Arkeley wasn’t a terribly nice character as well, I could understand why Caxton kept being drawn back to him. The twist was very good, some hints in the book earlier, but they didn’t come together until the end. Those last few pages, wow. And, spoiler, the dogs survive. Because I was worried they wouldn’t and that would have partly ruined the enjoyment of the book for me.

4/5 stars

The Sun Killer

Awful book. The characters were ridiculous and one dimensional, the killer was convoluted in a completely nonsensical way and that is not how you end a book. I don’t care whether you need to stretch the plot over four books, that is how you end a chapter, that is not how you end a book.

1/5 stars


Great thriller, kept us guessing until the very end of the book. I loved how all the victims were connected, I was not expecting that and I felt sympathetic for the killer at the same time as wanting him locked up for everyone’s safety. And the writer being just a little not right himself, that felt a little creepy as well.

Plus the dog survives.





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