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Boo!Maldon Williams was nine years old when he saw a clown murder his parents. The clown used a kitchen knife to cut their throats from ear to ear, and blood dripped down the walls in thick, oozing rivers.

Ben Night was once a successful author, whose career now seems washed up. But his horror novel ‘Clownz’ is about to become all too real. Real enough to break into his own home.

Jane Brady is the police detective investigating a string of monstrous killings, connected only by Night’s book. Has its villain, Sparkles The Clown, inspired these real-life atrocities?

From the pages of fiction, Sparkles walks the world, leaving behind only the flayed faces of his victims and a single word written in blood:

Goodreads, Amazon UK 

I read this book all in one sitting despite the fact I had cleaning and packing and cooking to do. I even tried to put it down to get stuff down but I came right back to it which tells you how well paced this book was. I read this as part of Spookathon as well as a friend recommending it to me and I am definitely glad I did. Not only was it reasonably quick to read (very important when you’re working three days in a week where you’re supposed to read five books) but it kept things moving. Every scene had a purpose, which is what a good book is supposed to do, and while the characters weren’t perfect (and some of them were horrific people), you still found yourself rooting for them. Even for the killer in the end.

This book is a thriller where you know the name of the killer right from the very start as you have a section of his POV but you don’t completely understand why he is killing people until the very end of the book. The way the victims were all linked was quite surprising as well, I could possibly guess at the first two but the last two I was lost until the explanation came and then all those flashbacks became foreshadowing. Not really a mystery as such, but definitely a thriller.

I thought I was going to get a phobia of clowns after this book simply because of the cover (in the post now I have figured out how to do images) but surprisingly enough, my fear of clowns hasn’t grown exponentially since finishing the book. I would probably find them creepy, especially since the associations between Bingo the clown and his crimes are far too realistic for comfort, but I felt quite sympathetic for the killer in the end. Not enough that I thought he should go free but I’m happy with his ending.

Although thrillers are not normally my thing (although my friend is converting me), I’m going to give this one 5 stars! Very recommended.


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