Diversity December Bingo

Hey look, it’s another readathon! Well, not really, it’s a challenge/bingo but I’m going to count it as a readathon. This is the introduction post and the bingo sheet.


Now I’m going abroad soon and I won’t be able to take half of my physical books with me, so I’m trying to read the ones I already have and not buy any more (very hard for me). Which means I won’t be following this completely, I will be reading the books I got from book boxes and from vouchers and then seeing if they fit into one of these squares. After I have got through my reading list for the month and I still haven’t got a bingo, I will go searching for (library) books that may match up. Plus the introduction post has loads of great recommendations I will definitely be coming back to.

The reason I’m doing this is because some books you read and you don’t realise they’re diverse until you have already read them. I didn’t realise Everything, Everything had a biracial MC until she mentions they are the perfect mixture of their African-American father and Japanese mother. I notice some books on my to-read list are already on the recommendations list for the bingo as well which makes things easier.

At the end of the month I’ll put a list of books I’ve read that correlate to the bingo so I can see how I did on a (semi) normal month.

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