Because Dragons Readathon Wrap Up

This was a readathon that was running parallel to TimeHopAThon so there was a small overlap with this TBR

1. Read a diverse fantasy book. (could be #ownvoices, could be a POC author, could be a diverse cast of characters, or set in a part of the (real) world you are not familiar with)
2. Read a fantasy book with a steamy romance.
3. Read a fantasy book with purple on the cover. (any amount is sufficient)
4. Read the next fantasy book in a series. (continue a series or start a new one)
5. Read a fantasy book with dragons in it. Because, duh.

How I Did

Read a diverse fantasy book

The Wrath and the Dawn was on my TBR list and I managed to finish it. The book is so good, I really loved it and I really loved the romance as well. I will be doing a full review of this but I can safely say this is one book where a love triangle didn’t annoy me and that I didn’t know what was going to happen, despite it being a fairytale retelling. So enjoyable.

Read a fantasy book with a steamy romance

A Star-Touched Queen was on my TBR for this category but I have a feeling that The Wrath and the Dawn would suit this category better. I still really liked the romance in A Star-Touched Queen and the language was beautiful but it wasn’t ‘steamy’ as such! Such a great book though, with gorgeous imagery and fairytale characters.

Read a fantasy book with purple on the cover

Shadow and Bone was one of the first in the Grisha series and the paperback edition has a purple cover. It’s a book where I’ve seen lots of mixed opinions on it and I can see where they’re coming from but at the same time, I really liked it. It wasn’t my favourite of the readathon but I did enjoy it.

Read the next book in a series

An Ember in the Ashes is the book that was on this TBR and TimeHopAThon TBR but I still didn’t finish it. Not for lack of trying, but it was one of the last books I read and I just didn’t finish it on time. I’m enjoying it and it’s very different to all the other fantasy books I read for this readathon.

Read a fantasy book with dragons in it

Half-Blood Dragon was a book I impulse bought on Kindle for this readathon. The summary sounded okay and it definitely had dragons in it and I hadn’t read it before, so I went for it. It wasn’t bad as such, but I definitely thought it was my least favourite book of both readathons. The characters were faintly ridiculous, the girl-hate grated on me incessantly and then the book ended at 75% of the Kindle book because the author wanted to put the beginning of one of her other books at the end? I didn’t hate this book, but I’m not enthusiastic about continuing this series, though I do want to find out what happens.

A very successful readathon in terms of books I read and liked and I definitely want to finish An Ember in the Ashes as well. It was a fun readathon and I’m glad I took part!


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