March TBR

I did quite well on the last TBR so I think I’m going to stick to the same amount of books and then the TBR might change because of readathons and such.

I finally, finally finished A Gathering of Shadows and I got the third in the series delivered straight to my Kindle after it came out. A Gathering of Shadows was definitely not as good for me as A Darker Shade of Magic was, but I really do want to finish the series especially with how the second book ended.

I started this for one of the readathons but I want to finish it in March. I don’t want it to be an endless ‘Currently Reading’ book on Goodreads.

Magic, prince sorcerers, magical bond – it all sounds right up my alley and this is one of my Kindle Unlimited Books so I’m trying to narrow down my list so I’m able to borrow more books.

Another Kindle Unlimited Book and one that is very similar to Kindred. It’s been on my TBR list for a while but now I’ve borrowed it from Amazon, I really want to get down and read it.

Lots of hype around this book and it was going for cheap on Kindle. While it doesn’t get rid of my tons of books I should be reading on my Kindle, it does seem like it will be a fluffy read in between all the slightly heavier books that deal with war and death and end of life as the characters know it.


The list may change but those are the ones I want to get to this month. They’re all reasonably short so I’m hoping that they’ll go by really quickly and I can get to some of my other books.



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