April TBR

April is going to be a super busy month for me! I’m working again as an au pair, I’ll be taking part in Camp Nanowrimo and I’ll be taking part in three readathons (yes, foolish me, I know). My TBR is going to include most of the books from the readathons but they’re always subject to change.

This book was cheap when I looked for it on Kindle and I’ve heard a lot about it as Schwab is the same author who wrote This Savage Song and A Darker Shade of Magic, both of which I loved. I’ll be reading this hopefully for the Readathon of Kings.

This book has been on my Kindle and my TBR list for the past few months. I’ve put it down for Readathon of Kings in the hopes that I actually get it read.

Part of my TBR for the Arc readathon that spans the month of April. Interesting summary, good worldbuilding, plus a LGBTQ+ romance. Everything I like in one book, here’s hoping I like it.

Magical alongside mundane, a witch framed for murder and a thriller plot with maybe a hint of romance as well? Plus the cover is gorgeous, so that helps. On my TBR for the Arcish readathon.

A fantasy book set in present day but the main character is also living in Melbourne where I’m based at the moment. It would be great to see how the author incorporates the setting in the book and be able to go places mentioned there. Also for the Arcish Readathon.

A fairytale of sorts with dragons and curses and a LGBTQ+ romance as well. Another for the Arcish readathon!

A story about a girl confronting her first love and everything being stirred up again. This sounds beautiful and as a plus, the focus is a lesbian romance. For the Arcish readathon.

Another one by Schwab on my list! This is the last of the Shades of Magic series and I’ve put it on my TBR for the Tome Topple readathon. I’m a little nervous about reading this because the second in the series took me so long to read, that I’m dreading it a little bit. But I do want to find out how everything is resolved so it’s on the TBR!

Goodreads describes this book as ‘historical saga that chronicles the lives, loves, and secrets of three generations of Palestinian Christian women’ and I really couldn’t put it better myself. This is also for the Tome Topple readathon.


I think I will leave my TBR at these books and hope I manage to get them all read. I’m really looking forward to most of these and can’t wait to get through them.



2 thoughts on “April TBR

    1. Thank you! I must, must get to A Conjuring of Light but I’m putting it off a bit, partly because A Gathering of Shadows took me so long and partly because I don’t the series to end!
      I know, I hear about Vicious so much and when I saw it was so cheap on Kindle I had to snap it up 🙂

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