Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

And the flip side! This is a blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Last week the theme was Top Ten Things That Instantly Make Me Want To Read A Book and so this post is now focused on the opposite. I already talked a little bit about this last week but now I’m going to go in depth.

1. Road Trip 

I despise road trip books. I never like them, I think going on a road trip with another person sounds hellish (stuck in a small space with another person for hours on end, not my thing) and I find reading about them very boring.

2. Literary Fiction 

Now, this doesn’t mean I have never read any literary fiction or enjoyed any. But there are certain books, normally about middle-aged women finding themselves after the kids leave home/husband cheats on them and basically, they have what in a man would be called a mid-life crisis. That being said, I’m not going to like a book with a man going through a mid-life crisis either. I’m not sure what to call this subset genre so it’s going under literary. I find these books boring and nothing much happens at all.

3. Love Triangles 

The actual bane of my reading life. I despise love triangles. I hate how there is normally one person who you’re meant to root for, I hate how someone is going to end up feeling like crap at the end, I hate how a poly relationship never enters anyone’s minds ever, I hate how the main characters dithers between the two people so much that you want to slap them and tell them to pull themselves together. I have seen this done well but as a general rule, absolutely not.

4. No diversity 

Like none at all. All the characters, apart from maybe a few minor characters that have one or two speaking lines, are white, cis, straight, able-bodied, neurotypical people (generally men). It’s unrealistic, it’s boring and it’s been done way too much. I can excuse it in historical fiction that was written two hundred years ago but there’s no excuse today.

5. Infidelity written as a good thing 

Man is married to a woman. They got married young, have drifted apart and don’t really love each other anymore. Bonus: they have kids. Then man meets other woman and he realises that she is the love of his life. Rather than doing the right thing and telling his wife so they can look at breaking up/open relationship/temporary separation, he sneaks around behind his wife’s back, feeling horribly guilty all the while but not enough to stop.

Way to make sure I aggressively don’t care about the relationship. Infidelity in the summary – nope.

6. Student/Teacher Relationships 

I understand that fiction is fiction and it is not an endorsement but this is one thing I really don’t want to read, especially if it’s done in a romantic way. It’s a definite nope.

7. Romantic relationships with no foundation 

You know the kind. They have no chemistry, they have pretty much no scenes together that don’t involve them arguing. The ones where you’re not sure the couple involved actually like each other on a friendship level, let along anything romantic. Especially when it’s a heterosexual relationship because that just feels shoehorned in there for the sake of having a romance.

8. Girl Hate 

I have a burning hatred for this trope. The ‘not like other girls’ or the looking down at other girls for wearing dresses or for caring about marriage (looking at you, Lila Bard) or being instantly jealous of another girl that comes onto the scene (The Mortal Instruments is one off the top of my head). I despise it all and I was so glad when Six of Crows completely subverted this trope by making Inej and Nina friends.

9. Historical books set in 1960s-80s that have nothing to do with the time period

There are always exceptions (non-Western setting books set in this time period, Hidden Figures, books about the American civil rights movement etc) but as a general rule this time period doesn’t interest me.

10. Vampires

Surprisingly enough, I don’t mind reading about werewolves despite them being used in fiction probably a lot more than vampires. Something about the vampires being the undead or how they’re always pretty just annoys me and it’s not something that will make me interested in a book.


That’s my list! There are always exceptions to each one of these but as a general rule, I don’t like these tropes. I struggled to find ten things (which is why this post took me a week to write) and I think as soon as I post these, I’ll think of ten more I could have put down instead. Anyone else agree/disagree? Let me know in the comments!






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