Top Ten Best Mothers In Fiction

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog theme started by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it is Mother’s Day related so anything to do with mothers. Mother’s Day in the UK was months ago but I thought it would be fun to do this anyway!

Best Mothers In Fiction

This is Ella’s (the main character) mother. She dies pretty early on in the book but from what we saw of her, she seemed like a really good mother to Ella. She made everyone laugh, she made Ella feel good about herself and she managed to orchestrate the first meeting of Ella and Char. Completely unintentionally considering it was beyond the grave at the time but still. She also was one of the factors in Ella breaking the curse. (For those of you who don’t know, the book and the film are completely different and the book is much better).

Maura is Blue’s mother. She’s a single mother (Blue’s father being seemingly useless at looking after himself, let only a child) and she raised Blue along with several other psychics, both blood relatives and otherwise. She’s understanding and accepts Blue completely while being her own person at the same time (always nice to see in a mother).

I couldn’t choose between the two of them. They are supportive mothers to Molly, Cassie and Xavier and they try their best to understand what is going on with them but they didn’t let it go when Molly or Cassie was rude or treated them badly. Firm but fair, just great mothers.

So her husband moves her and their family to a remote island for his career. She doesn’t really complain, she just gets on with it, running the house and her family while settling into a closed community. And then the massive twist happens and she just has to adjust. She may not be the most patient of mothers but she does her best for her family and she is such a strong woman.

This is the Little House on the Prairie series. I haven’t watched the TV series and read all the books when I was quite young. They have a special place in my heart. Ma Ingalls, like Mona above, supported her family through living in the woods (with several wild animals) and then the prairie. She had five children (I think?) and managed to bring them up into a cohesive family unit.

There is one scene where Penelope’s mother saves all three girls. There is fire and badass one liners and I almost cheered out loud at the scene. The three girls have such different mothers and I love the contrast between each one.

  • Jack’s Ma in Room

How many people would handle being kidnapped when they were seventeen and then kept in a small room and raped repeatedly? I swear, Jack’s Ma was impressive not in how she managed to keep both of them alive but how she managed to keep Jack entertained and keep him learning. She only allowed a certain amount of TV because she knew how easy it was to get focused completely on it when you were trapped, despite it probably would have been easier. Then she came up with the whole escape plan. Jack was amazing but I was so impressed how she held it together.

Was Mrs Weasley a perfect person or mother? No. But she was so human and she made sure that everyone in her family was cared for as much as she thought they deserved. None of the Weasleys went hungry and they obviously had a strong bond between each other. Mrs Weasley made it obvious to Percy that he could come back at any time and she wouldn’t even need an apology (his siblings, on the other hand, weren’t so forgiving). She probably had to put up with comments about her husband’s lack of promotion, their limited fund, her number of children and even her figure so many times but she just got on with it.

I think the thing about Lily Potter was not how she died for her son (I’m pretty sure Mrs Weasley would have done the same for any of her children) but how she was twenty-one with her whole life ahead of her and she was given a chance to step aside and stay alive but she chose otherwise. She chose death to save one she loved, just like Harry did in the Forbidden Forest. I wish we could have seen more of her before she died.

It’s been a while since I read this book but I remember how Marilla was sensible and down to earth and had no idea what to do with a child like Anne but she allowed her adopted daughter freedom of expression. It is obvious that Marilla loves Anne throughout the books, even if she doesn’t indulge Anne as much as Matthew does and that she takes the unexpected (having a girl instead of a boy) and just gets on with it. The new Netflix series just makes me want to read Anne of Green Gables again.


This was surprisingly harder than I thought, a lot of mothers are dead or the parents aren’t involved with the characters. Happy Mother’s Day!


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