Readathon Wrap Ups

Now I was very short-sighted and signed up to do three readathons in the same week. I am terrible with dates and didn’t realise they all overlapped until I signed up for them. I have decided to do one wrap up for all three, partly because I really can’t be bothered to do three separate wrap ups when I could be reading and partly because there is some overlap. I read ten books last week, so not everything on my TBR but since my TBR was ridiculous, I’m okay with the books I did manage to read. Most of the links to the books link to my review of that book on Goodreads.

The three readathons I did last week were Read-O-Rama ReadathonLibrary-a-thon and Because Dragons Readathon.

Read-O-Rama Readathon 


1. Read a book with RAMA in the title and/or author’s name
I didn’t manage to finish the book on my TBR (Throne of Glass), though I did start it. However, If the Dress Fits also works for this challenge.

2. Read a book with water on the cover
I finished the book on my TBR (Wish on the Water).

3. Read a short book (150 pages or less)
I finished the book on my TBR (The Melody of You and Me).

4. Read a graphic novel
I read the book on my TBR (Black Butler Volume 2) and I also acquired Lumberjanes, which I was tempted to read instead.

5. Read a book you’ve been anticipating
Well, I didn’t read Uprooted which was the one on my TBR, but I did read River of Teeth which I preordered, so I’ve definitely been anticipating it!

6. Read an own voices book
The Melody of You and Me is possibly own voices (author does not want to disclose but has said she isn’t straight) and If the Dress Fits definitely is.

7. Read a book released in the summer of any year
The Carbon Diaries wasn’t on my TBR but it came out on the 1st June 2009 so it counts!

8. Read 7 Books
I definitely did this.




1) Borrow and read a popular or backlist book you meant to read but never got around too.
I didn’t get around tStealing Snow from my TBR, so read The Carbon Diaries instead.

2) Borrow and read a book by a popular author you’ve been curious to try or read more of.
I didn’t get around to any of the books on my TBR that were by a popular author. Jackie French seems to be a popular author but I hadn’t heard of her before this readathon so I don’t think she counts!

3) Borrow and read a book you haven’t heard of before seeing it in the library.
I think Home definitely counts for this. I saw the author under ‘Aboriginal Authors’ list in my local library and the summary sounded good. It was definitely a good idea to read it.

4) Borrow and read a book recommended by the librarian.
Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies was definitely not what I was expecting and it was over 500 pages long which is never a good idea in a readathon, but I loved it. Really great book.

5) Borrow and read a book you just feel like reading
All three of the books mentioned above really? I borrowed and read these books because I felt like it, none of these were planned on my TBR (though The Carbon Diaires) did peak my interest about a year ago and has been on my Goodreads TBR for a while.


Because Dragons RAT


1. A fantasy book with white on the cover (can be any amount)
I didn’t get to Sabriel but The Secret of Spellshadow Manor has the author’s name in white if it counts. I am also halfway through Throne of Glass which also has white on the cover (of the edition I’m reading at least).

2. A fantasy book with an LBGT+ MC
Widdershins was actually on my TBR and I finished it!

3. Listen to a fantasy audiobook
Well, I didn’t start Harry Potter but I did start Queen of the Tearling. I’ve been listening to it for about two hours and I’m only halfway through Chapter 2. I was never going to finish this during the readathon and I knew it too.

4. A fantasy book with fire on the cover or in the title
The Secret of Spellshadow Manor was again on my TBR and I did finish it!

5. A fantasy book that features mythological creatures
Now I got a bit confused and completely missed this challenge of my TBR. The Secret of Spellshadow Manor and Widdershins both had magical creatures of a sort in them? I’m pretty sure Widdershins‘ creatures were mythological. Maybe half count this one since I can’t actually remember?
So, doing three readathons at a time were fun but I’m not inclined to do it again. Especially not when I’m working. Now I’m in the middle of another readathon right now (Alphabethon) so I probably should get back to reading!

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