Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

I’ve been seeing this tag all over Booktube and then Thrice Read did a post on the tag and I realised that at the end of June, it wouldn’t be mid-year anymore. Then Birdie Bookworm tagged me and I knew I had to do it!

I tag anyone who is reading this and hasn’t yet done this tag!

1. The best book you’ve read so far in 2017

How am I supposed to choose?! Here’s my list of Top Ten Books of 2017. Any of those books I could put here and I wouldn’t regret my choice. But if I had to absolutely pick one, it would be The Woman Who Breathed Two WorldsI want a physical copy just so I can reread it and keep it forever.

The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (Malayan #1)

2. Your favourite sequel of the year

I’m going to cheat a little here and name two. These books were so much better than the first books of the series. I liked An Ember in the Ashes more than A Court of Thorns and Roses but A Torch Against the Night was so much better and renewed my interest in this series.

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes, #2)








3. A new release that you haven’t read but really want to

This book was on sale on Kindle so I got it. I own a copy and yet I still haven’t read it! It’s definitely going on my July TBR.

When Dimple Met Rishi

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

Again, this list is pages long but the first one that comes to mind is The Dragons of NovaI really want to find out what happens in this book, plus it’ll be a good excuse to reread the first one.

The Dragons of Nova (Loom Saga, #2)

5. Your biggest disappointment 

I’m not quite sure why this book is recced so much. The premise is so interesting, it’s just the execution that was lacking.

Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns, #1)

6. Biggest surprise of the year 

The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds is on this tag again. I wasn’t expecting to love the book this much just from the summary. There are lots of books which lived up to the hype on this list, where I was surprised they lived up the hype, but this was still completely unexpected.

7. Favourite new to you or debut author

Becky Albertalli who wrote The Upside of Unrequited and Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens AgendaWhile Upside didn’t live up to the hype for me, Simon really did.

8. Your new fictional crush

Either Elias from A Torch Against the Night or Mal from the Grisha trilogy. Yael from Wolf by Wolf is also up there too.

9. New favourite character

Sal from Mask of Shadows. They’re so prickly and interesting, I love it.

10. A book that made you cry 

This will probably go on my final ‘Top Ten Books of 2017’ list but I hadn’t read it when I made the first one. This book was brilliant and heart-breaking.

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)

11. A comic book that made you happy

I haven’t read any comic books this year so n/a.

12. Your favourite book to movie adaptation that you’ve seen this year

Insert the image of me flailing my hands here. I’ve watched Wonder Woman, Rogue One, Beauty and the Beast and Fantastic Beasts this year. Considering only the latter two are adaptiations, I’m going to go with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

13. Favourite book post you’ve done this year

Wow, okay there’s a lot to choose from. The Try a Chapter Tag post was fun to make and I definitely plan on doing it again sometime.

14. The most beautiful book you have bought/received this year

The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is so pretty.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

15. What are some books you need to read by the end of the year

The Golem and the Djinni

Rivers of London

Crooked Kingdom

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

The Well of Ascension

The Court of Wings and Ruin

A Conjuring of Light

Basically, too many to count. I want to make a dent in the Kindle books I already own, as well as utilise the library ebooks. Good thing I’m doing nothing but travelling for the next month. Rubbish for writing, great for reading.

8 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

  1. Awesome choices! I haven’t read Upside yet, but I loved Simon! And I love those illustrated Harry Potter books. I’d love to collect them all.

    1. With Upside, just ignore half the hype because I think I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if I wasn’t expecting it to be the best book ever.
      The Prisoner of Azkaban is coming out in October and I intend to get it as soon as possible 😀 I can’t wait to see how they do the Dementors and the Hippogriffs, it should be beautiful.

  2. I just finished Three Dark Crowns and was pretty much disappointed. I actually liked the beginning more than the latter part of the book. I loved Yael. She is one of my favorite protagonists ever. The illustrated editions of HP are so gorgeous. I plan on owning them all. Great post1

    1. For one so highly recced, I was expecting so much more! I liked the very end because I wasn’t expecting that twist so much but the second half was mainly that unneccessary and unwanted love triangle.
      I love Yael so much, I think she’s half the reason I finished the Wolf by Wolf series so fast.
      Me too! The third HP book is coming out in October and I plan to get it straight away 🙂

  3. It looks like you’ve got some excellent choices here Lucy!! I’ve never heard of The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds but not I’m intrigued – I will definitely be looking into it.
    Have you read When Dimple Met Rishi yet? Although I found it a bit typical of you a young adult coming of age romance tale, I nonetheless loved it just because of the happy and warm feeling that it gave me inside.
    Excellent post btw… I look forward to more from you in the future… Happy August Reading! 🙂

    1. The thing is, a month later I would probably give completely different answers! The author’s on WordPress as well and I would, obviously, definitely advise checking it out 😀
      I did manage to get around to it! I completely agree, if you’re looking for a fun contemporary, I would definitely show people that book. A little predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.
      Thank you so much and you too!

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