August TBR

July was a good month in terms of amount of books read and how much I liked the books I read, but it was fairly terrible in actually sticking to my TBR. I’m planning to take part in three readathons this month, The Annual Harry Potter ReadathonTome Topple Readathon and Alphabethon. My TBR is going to be so long for this month.

  • The rest of the Harry Potter series

I’m not going to get to it before the 6th August deadline, even for me that’s impossible, especially with two other readathons going on as well. But, when I get back to the UK, I have the beautiful illustrated editions to reread so I won’t be too upset if that happens.

This book was an impulse buy on Kindle Unlimited and I’ve put it on my Tome Topple TBR because I do want to read it, despite the size being a little intimidating.

This book I think will be on every Tome Topple TBR until I actually manage to get around to reading it. I’ve heard many good things, plus historical Scottish romance is definitely something I’m interested in. I’m hoping this will be the buddy read for me during Tome Topple but we’ll see.

I’m so glad for Tome Topple because there are all these books I want to read and then I see they’re 800 pages and a small part of me goes ‘nope’. I loved the first book in the Mistborn series, I just have to continue with it now.

I cannot remember why I bought this. It’s a children’s fiction book about Edie, a child who lives in London during the Blitz. I’ve put this book on my Alphabethon TBR as the author’s last name is ‘Cross’ and it’s under 200 pages, fulfilling one of the challenges!

I might not get around to this book, I read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet which actually fulfils the challenge for Alphabethon. However, it is an ARC and I’m trying to make a dent in my NetGalley list before I request anymore.

This is another ARC on my Alphabethon TBR which was one of the first NetGalley’s ARCs I received and one I really want to get around to this month especially.

I love Charles’ Sins of the Cities series. I find them easy to read m/m historical romances and I love how they all connected to each other. This is the last book in the series and another ARC on my Alphabethon TBR.

I bought this book a while ago and I’m not sure why. This is shelved as ‘chick-lit’ which I hate considering the stereotypes around that genre but also because this book is about a woman’s daughter going missing, it’s definitely not the light, fluffy book I normally associate with ‘chick-lit’. That said, I do want to get around to it so I put it on my Alphabethon TBR.

Another book I don’t remember buying but I’ve put on my Alphabethon TBR as I try to work my way through my Kindle library. The summary sounds interesting, though the reviews aren’t too promising. At least it’s a short book for me to read.

As well as all these books, I want to finish the books I’ve started but haven’t finished. These include A Conjuring of LightEternity in an Hour, Throne of Glass and Queen of the Tearling. Here’s hoping I don’t get distracted by any of the other shiny new books I have to read instead and actually finish one of the above.

What do you think? Setting myself up for failure or will I actually manage to stick close to my TBR this month? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “August TBR

    1. I really need to get to the sequel otherwise I’ll have to reread the first one in order to have some clue of what is going on!
      Well, I’m already halfway through it and it’s been good so far! Thank you 🙂

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