House Cup Reading Challenge Weekly Wrap Up

Week one of this readathon has already passed and I’m actually getting this update post up on time! At the same time as the first week of this readathon was already going on, I was also taking part in Spookathon (TBR here) which went pretty well, even if I didn’t stick to the TBR that well! My wrap up post should be coming up for that.

The intro post for this readathon is here and my TBR is here but we’ll see how well I stick to that! For this readathon is the main challenge to be read seven books already on your TBR and there are some bonus challenges as well. However, the seven books cannot count for the bonus challenges as well.

Main Challenges 

First Year: 
Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance
Second Year: The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet
Third Year: Why Mummy Drinks
Fourth Year:
 Frozen Charlotte

Bonus Challenges

Why Did You Lie?
Death Eater:
Dumbledore’s Army: Stay with Me


Total Points

Four books for main challenge – 80 points
Three books for bonus challenge – 30 points
Total: 110 points 

Go Ravenclaw!


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