Tome Topple Round 5

Another round of Tome Topple! I have done this readathon before (my tag is here) but the last time I did it, I didn’t actually manage to finish one tome (I read other stuff) but I did manage to start Outlander which had been on my TBR for a while. This readathon is hosted on Youtube and is a two week long readathon focused on books over 500 pages. This year it is running from the 17th November to the 30th November.


  1. Read more than 1 tome
  2. Read a graphic novel
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Buddy read a tome
  5. Read an adult novel

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House Cup Reading Challenge Weekly Update

So I unintentionally skipped a week of this update. I didn’t really have anything new to add to the update last week but it got to about Thursday before I realised I hadn’t done anything for the week. Nanowrimo is sucking everything out of my brain, plus I’m starting my new job next week (insert worried emoticon here).

The intro post for this readathon is here and my TBR is here but we’ll see how well I stick to that! For this readathon is the main challenge to be read seven books already on your TBR and there are some bonus challenges as well. However, the seven books cannot count for the bonus challenges as well.

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Wow, that was irritating to spell. So, I’m here to sign up for another readathon because I haven’t been blogging for a while (thanks, Nanowrimo) and I’m hoping this will get me back into it. It had a map and pirates – I had to!


This readathon is from the 5th – 11th November and there are four reading challenges but to get these challenges you have to go through the map.

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