Royalty Readathon


As you know, I love royalty tropes in books (in all media really) and so this readathon is perfect for me. This is round 2 and I hope other people join me in this readathon!


  • Read a book with a hidden royal heritage
  • Read a book with a royal title (King/Queen/Prince etc)
  • Read a book with a crown on the cover
  • Read a fairytale retelling featuring your favourite fairytale royal
  • Read a book with purple on the cover

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Holly Jolly Readathon

Another Christmas readathon and it sounds like a really fun one. This one is running just before Christmas so it’s a chance for me to read a lot of my books before I get a whole load of new ones come Christmas Day. It runs from the 19th December to the 23rd December and the Twitter is here.


  • Graphic Novel or short story
  • A holiday story
  • Green or red on the cover
  • A gift to you or a book you would gift to other people
  • A word from a song title.

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Because Dragons RAT

Another round of Because Dragons Readathon! I love doing this readathon and I’m really looking forward to a mini round. Since this is a mini round, it only goes for a few days, from 15th December – 18th December. The Twitter can be found here.

#becausedragonsRAT Round 2 Announcement: Towards the end of February I hosted the first round of #becausedragonsRAT, a readathon for book dragons & fantasy lovers. And it was so damn fun that I want to do it again! Who is this readathon for? Anyone...


  • Read a book with a morally grey character
  • Read a book that features travel or adventure
  • Read a book with treasure on the cover or in the title

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