Magical Readathon

I didn’t know about this readathon until I saw it on the list of readathons but now I am ridiculously excited for it. This readathon is based on the O.W.Ls exams in Harry Potter and there is a Twitter and an introduction post, but the intro post (here) is in the style of Hogwarts letter. It runs from the 2nd April to the 29th April and I am definitely taking part, Nanowrimo or no Nanowrimo.


  • A book with a symbol on the cover
  • A book with a number on the cover or in the title
  • A science fiction novel
  • A book that contains magical creatures/has a magical creature on the cover
  • A fantasy book
  • A book featuring/about secret societies or clubs. 
  • A book featuring prophecies
  • A book with a nature-related word in the title
  • A historical fiction book
  • A muggle non-fiction book
  • A book with/about alchemy
  • A book which deals with transfiguration/shapeshifting or a book with a cat on the cover. 

Now you only need 5 O.W.Ls to get an Outstanding in this readathon so I’m only going to do a TBR for five books but will probably read more because these look like so much fun!

Defence Against the Dark Arts (secret societies/clubs)

Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #1)
Herbology (nature word in the title)

Far from the Tree
Astronomy (a sci-fi novel)

Not a Drop to Drink (Not a Drop to Drink, #1)
Charms (a fantasy novel)

Everless (Everless, #1)
Transfiguration (a book with a cat on the cover)

The Lunar Cats


And that’s my TBR for the moment! I’ve tried to go for a mixture of ARCs, library books and my physical TBR books but this will likely change at some point!

Anyone else taking part in this readathon? Let me know in the comments!

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