AuthorTube Readathon Wrap Up

This was a brand new readathon which ran from the 24th March to 30th March and I really liked the looks of the challenges (my TBR here) but I wasn’t actually able to get to that much, thanks to me getting confused over the dates as there were three different readathons going at the same time. The two books I managed to get to this readathon I really enjoyed, however and I would definitely look at doing this readathon in the future.

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April TBR

April! The month of rain and Camp Nanowrimo. The weather is doing pretty well with the rain so far (no more snow at the moment, thank goodness), I’ve eaten far too much chocolate after giving it up for Lent and I’m already behind for Camp Nanowrimo.

Reading wise, I don’t think I’m going to read as much for April as I did for March because I don’t think that is actually possible. I’ll be doing a few readathons as well as trying out a Book Unhaul where I have to read a certain amount of my physical books otherwise they get unhauled. I’m going to try and keep it low key, but to be honest, that doesn’t happen very much with me.

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April Book Unhaul

I’ve been thinking of doing something like this a while, especially when I watched Books and Lala series where she watched her old hauls from two years ago and then any books she still hadn’t read, she had to read over the next month or they got unhauled. She got one save but otherwise she would have to make sure she read the books she wanted to keep.

Now I’m not a Booktuber so I don’t have any videos of my book hauls and I don’t tend to do posts on here to show that (mostly because I can never remember what books I hauled in the month). However, I do have many physical books which I want to get to so I thought I would have a three month trial of this method and see if it helped.


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Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme. It used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish but now it is being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is ‘Top Ten Characters I Liked in Disliked Books’ but I missed the ‘Spring TBR’ topic and decided I would prefer to do that topic this week. I’m always in the mood for more contemporary books in the springtime so that’s what is on my list!

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Apocalypse-A-Thon 2018

This readathon is brand new this year and is focused on apocalyptic books. While I don’t normally reach for books focusing around the apocalypse, I have read and liked some books around this theme such as How I Live Now, Station Eleven and The Day of the Triffids. For this readathon, there is the introduction post here and the Goodreads group here and it runs for the whole of April.


  • Natural Disaster – some kind of weather/natural phenomenon that is threatening the life of the population.
  • Creature Feature – zombies, aliens, werewolves, vampires etc.
  • Out of this World – the danger is coming from out of space so asteroids, radiation etc.
  • With a Little Help From My Friends – a group of people trying to fight back/a book recommended to you from a friend.
  • Classic – a classic or a modern classic book.

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