A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid SunsThe book, which spans a period of over 40 years, from the 1960s to 2003, focuses on the tumultuous lives and relationship of Mariam and Laila, two Afghan women. Mariam, an illegitimate child, suffers from the stigma surrounding her birth and the abuse she faces throughout her marriage. Laila, born a generation later, is comparatively privileged during her youth until their lives intersect and she is also forced to accept a marriage proposal from Rasheed, Mariam’s husband.


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Because Dragons RAT Round 5

Fantasy Readathon: #becausedragonsRAT

There was a clash of readathons at the start of July and since I’m going to try and reduce the number of readathons I do in July, thanks to Camp Nanowrimo, I’ve decided to only go with one readathon. Because Dragons is a readathon based around fantasy and dragons, so really suits me down to the ground. The other readathon was Read-eh-thon which is a Canada-themed readathon (video here) and I was very tempted by it.

This runs from the 1st July to the 7th July and the Instagram post for this is here.


  • Read a fantasy with red on the cover
  • Read a fantasy based on mythology you are unfamiliar with
  • Read a fantasy with a strong friendship
  • Read the last fantasy book you acquired
  • Read a fantasy with dragons

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Tome Topple Round 6

Tome Topple is back! This readathon focuses on big books, so books over 500 pages. It lasts for two weeks and it focuses on page number rather than books read. This round is running from 29th June to 12th July (Friday to Thursday) and there are the usual challenges. I’m just hoping I manage to get through at least one tome. The Goodreads group is here.


  • Read more than 1 tome
  • Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages!)
  • Read a tome that is part of a series
  • Buddy read a tome
  • Read an adult novel

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The Thousandth Floor

The Thousandth Floor

Welcome to Manhattan, 2118.

A thousand-storey tower stretching into the sky. A glittering vision of the future, where anything is possible – if you want it enough.

A hundred years in the future, New York’s elite of the super-tower lie, backstab and betray each other to find their place at the top of the world. Everyone wants something… and everyone has something to lose.

As the privileged inhabitants of the upper floors recklessly navigate the successes and pitfalls of the luxury life, forbidden desires are indulged and carefree lives teeter on the brink of catastrophe. Whilst lower-floor workers are tempted by a world – and unexpected romance – dangling just out of reach. And on the thousandth floor is Avery Fuller, the girl genetically designed to be perfect. The girl who seems to have it all – yet is tormented by the one thing she can never have.

So when a young woman falls from the top of the supertower, her death is the culmination of a scandal that has ensnared the top-floor elite and bottom-floor. But who plummeted from the roof? And what dark secrets led to her fall?

Friends will be betrayed and enemies forged as promises are broken. When you’re this high up, there’s nowhere to go but down…

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Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme. It used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish but now it is being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is ‘books to read by the pool/at the beach’ but I definitely preferred the summer TBR interpretation. I think everyone knows how much I love TBRs so this shouldn’t be a surprise!

I don’t tend to associate genres with seasons but if I had to pick one for summer, it would probably be contemporary/urban fantasy. Anything set in the present time, though a few historical fiction books snuck on here as well!

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Save the Date

Save the DateCharlie Grant’s older sister is getting married this weekend at their family home, and Charlie can’t wait—for the first time in years, all four of her older siblings will be under one roof. Charlie is desperate for one last perfect weekend, before the house is sold and everything changes. The house will be filled with jokes and games and laughs again. Making decisions about things like what college to attend and reuniting with longstanding crush Jesse Foster—all that can wait. She wants to focus on making the weekend perfect.

The only problem? The weekend is shaping up to be an absolute disaster.

There’s the unexpected dog with a penchant for howling, house alarm that won’t stop going off, and a papergirl with a grudge.

There are the relatives who aren’t speaking, the (awful) girl her favorite brother brought home unannounced, and a missing tuxedo.

Not to mention the neighbor who seems to be bent on sabotage and a storm that is bent on drenching everything. The justice of the peace is missing. The band will only play covers. The guests are all crazy. And the wedding planner’s nephew is unexpectedly, distractingly…cute.

Over the course of three ridiculously chaotic days, Charlie will learn more than she ever expected about the family she thought she knew by heart. And she’ll realize that sometimes, trying to keep everything like it was in the past means missing out on the future.

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No River Wide Enough

No River Wide EnoughTwo years ago, Chris and his boyfriend escaped the turmoil of the big city to settle in a small town at the US-Canada border. Eager to settle into forever, Chris bought the Frontier Café and Bakery. A year later, his boyfriend dumps him, leaving Chris the only gay man in town and resigned to a life of romantic solitude and baked goods. 

Hank is a loner who’s spent the last ten years travelling through the country for his job as a water plant engineer. Deeply closeted, he’s extremely careful about the men he meets. Like the rivers he studies during his travels, he flows fast through the land, never slowing down enough to be caught.

In town only for a few weeks on a water treatment facility project, he’s intent on getting the job done and returning home out west to take care of his father. But when he sets eyes on the local ginger baker standing behind a table full of decadent desserts, the temptation is too much to resist.

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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)A forbidden romance.
A deadly plague.
Earth’s fate hinges on one girl . . .

CINDER, a gifted mechanic in New Beijing, is also a cyborg. She’s reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s sudden illness. But when her life becomes entwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she finds herself at the centre of a violent struggle between the desires of an evil queen – and a dangerous temptation.

Cinder is caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal. Now she must uncover secrets about her mysterious past in order to protect Earth’s future.

This is not the fairytale you remember. But it’s one you won’t forget.

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Library-a-thon Wrap Up

Library-a-thon is finished and surprisingly enough, I actually managed to get to some of my library books and, even more astonishing, they were books on my TBR. Of course I did get confused with the dates so I thought the readathon was still running yesterday (Sunday) so we’re still counting them.

This readathon ran from the 3rd June to the 9th June (though I accidentally did it to the 10th) and I read five library books for this challenge. As always, all covers link to Goodreads.

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