Library-a-thon Wrap Up

Library-a-thon is finished and surprisingly enough, I actually managed to get to some of my library books and, even more astonishing, they were books on my TBR. Of course I did get confused with the dates so I thought the readathon was still running yesterday (Sunday) so we’re still counting them.

This readathon ran from the 3rd June to the 9th June (though I accidentally did it to the 10th) and I read five library books for this challenge. As always, all covers link to Goodreads.

  • Borrow and read a book set in a country that you’ve never read a book set in before.

Death on the Nile (Hercule Poirot, #17)
I’m pretty sure I haven’t read a book set in Egypt, though you can never be too sure. Death on the Nile is an Poirot book that gets brought up in the same breath as Murder on the Orient Express as one of her more well-known books. I will advise to read this book after Orient because Poirot references a plot point in this book that happened in the other book.
I’m starting to get a little wise to Agatha Christie’s plots so I did guess who had done it before the reveal, something that doesn’t happen normally to me with Christie’s books, but all the same, this was one of her more enjoyable mysteries. I really liked seeing how the murder was carried out and the cast of characters were as many and varied as Orient. 

  • Borrow and read a book that you’ve never heard of before.

Associates of Sherlock Holmes
I hadn’t heard of this book before but I saw Sherlock Holmes and George Mann together and picked it up, despite not really being a huge fan of short story collections and I’m so glad I did. There wasn’t any one story which I disliked in this collection and I loved how each author expanded on characters that were barely mentioned in the original Holmes stories, or got merely one line of dialogue. The stories focused on both allies, friends and enemies, all giving a new perspective on their backstory and on Holmes and Watson themselves.

  • Borrow and read a book that’s out of your comfort zone (genre, age group, themes, et cetera).

Associates of Sherlock Holmes
Probably this book again because, like I said, short stories are not normally my thing.

  • Borrow and read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Far from the Tree
I’ve had this book on my TBR for so long, and I’ve probably had it out of the library for longer, and I finally managed to get around to starting it for this readathon. And then I finished it in one sitting. I think this is going to go up there for my favourite book of June, yes I enjoyed it that much. At the heart of it, this book is about family. It talks about adoption and biological families and this book handled it so, so well. It was such a nice change after all these books which talk about their adoptive parents like they’re not they’re ‘real’ parents (looking at you, Ella Black) and each character was incredibly compelling in their own way.

  • Borrow and read a book recommended by a librarian or other library staff member.

Crazy House
This book is not included in the above total because I didn’t finish it. I read about forty pages of it and found myself not caring about the plot or the characters and confused about the world they were in. I decided not to waste my time, though I may come back to it in the future since it had been so highly recced.

  • Borrow and read a bookish book (book on the cover, “book” in the title, a book about books…).

Between Shades of Gray
This one is a bit of a stretch, I admit, but it is a book about the stories of people enduring through horrific circumstances to be told in the future so I applied this loosely to this challenge. Despite my irritation with the narrator (she never learnt from past experience and she was so stupid at times), I did really enjoy this book. I listened to it on audiobook from the library which made it a lot easier to deal with the narrator I think.


This was such a fun readathon and I’m really glad I took part in it, especially since I enjoyed most of what I read for this readathon. Anyone else take part?

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