Thrillerathon Wrap Up

So, the last couple of readathons I haven’t done wrap ups, partly because I didn’t do too well in the readathons and I don’t particularly want to write over and over again ‘I only read one book for this readathon and that book is the one I’m going to talk about’ (and I’m sure you don’t want to hear it), and partly because I’ve neglected this blog for the month of August thanks to work and wedding trips.

But time to get back to it and part of that is getting my readathon wrap ups back on track! This readathon ran from the 20th to the 26th August, the twitter is here and my TBR is here.

All covers link to Goodreads.

  • Read the thriller you’re most anticipating

Big Little Lies
I finally read Big Little Lies and, despite the hype, I really enjoyed it. It is very similar to The Friend for me, because they both have the group of schoolyard mums, they both count backwards from something horrible with flashbacks and I loved both of them. This one was longer than I thought it needed to be but I went into this one without being spoiled for anything and it was great.

  • Read the thriller you most recently added to your TBR

It Ends with Her
Okay, this probably doesn’t strictly apply to this readathon because I started this way before the week started, but I finished it during the week and I was so glad that I had to put it down. This book is about a FBI agent who is hunting a serial killer who sends clues to her specially of the women he kidnaps, tortures and kills. The characters were unlikeable in an interesting way, I didn’t see the twist coming but this book dragged for me and I finished it mostly to finish it, rather than find out what happened.

  • Read the thriller with the best cover

Murder Most Unladylike (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #1)
A 1930s, girls’ boarding school murder mystery – something which is right up my alley and the cover fits this book wonderfully. I loved the main character, Hazel, and I found myself really surprised at the mystery. There was enough twists and turns to be believeable and interesting.

  • Revisit a thriller book or author

A Poisoned Season (Lady Emily, #2)
This book I’ve started but haven’t finished. This is the second book in the Lady Emily series, a historical mystery series that I’m reading completely out of order. The couple of Lady Emily books I’ve read recently have been a little disappointing to me but this one has had a promising start.


This was a very fun readathon and I think I’m getting back into the swing of things now. I really enjoyed all the books I read for this readathon. How did everyone else do?

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