Spooky Recommendations

October is the home of spooky reads and I thought I would do a post recommending my favourite spooky reads in the middle of the month, and then one on Halloween at the end of the month with all the books I’m hoping to have read through the rest of the month!

A House at the Bottom of a Lake

The House at the Bottom of the Lake – There was something so wonderfully creepy about this book. If I’m ever asked about a book that does tense suspense really well, I would pick this book. Nothing is ever really resolved, which actually makes it better.


The Beguiled

The Beguiled – I really love stories of isolated, mostly female boarding schools and this book gives me all the great, creepy tension of what happens when an injured soldier lands in the midst of a group of women with all the underlying fights and undercurrents involved. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into and wow, that ending. (There is a film for this but do not watch the trailer for the film before this because it would spoil pretty much everything)


Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte – I can’t be the only one who loves creepy dolls and them moving when your back is turned and singing creepy little songs. This is part of the series and I loved the prequel just as much (where you find out how the dolls came to be) but I read this one first.


The Savages

The Savages – this isn’t actually creepy as much as perfectly Halloween. Much like the Addams family, the Savages are just on this side of creepy but no one knows why. The fact that they’re all cannibals could be to do with it though.


The Rats

The Rats – this book is unrepentantly gory and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has a problem with graphic dog death, but wow, it makes a great horror book. The characters were flat, I would have been happy for the main character to be eaten by the rats, but the plot was tense and I actually bought the sequel a few weeks ago.


These are only some of my recommendations and ones I have read fairly recently. What are some of your spooky recs?


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