Borrowathon Wrap Up

Round 5 is finished! And once again, I read library books on the first day and the last three days, the middle just kind of fell through. However, I did manage to plow through some of my library books, which is good because half of them are due back on the 16th.

This round went from the 4th – 11th November and my TBR post (with links) is here.

  • A book you think you’re going to love

After this book was recced to me by so many people and looking at the summary, I was really expecting to love this horror book. Unfortunately, this book was not what I thought it was and there was far less focus on the cursed witch than there was on the evil inside humanity when they’re scared. Plus if you want me to sympathise with one of the teenagers, don’t have him get a dog killed.

  • A 2018 release

Small Spaces
This came out in September and I had heard many good things about it. This is a middle-grade horror book and it was wonderfully creepy. I loved how the main character got involved in everything at the start and the building of suspense was done so well.

  • A book with 150 pages or less

An Ideal Husband
I’m starting to get interested in Oscar Wilde’s writing, not only because they’re short stories/plays but also because they are delightfully witty. There are several lines in this play that me laughing out loud, especially since I listened to it on audiobook and the actors were really good.

  • A book with the name of an animal in the title

The Blue Cat
I was not expecting this book at all. This book is about a girl who lived in Australia during WWII when everyone was preparing for an invasion by the Japanese. I love how the protagonist picked up on things happening but didn’t quite understand everything. The whole post had a waiting, sad air, like the feeling pervading the air during the war.

  • A book you’ve never heard of 

Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
I hadn’t heard about this book but I saw that this was the first book in this series and there was a TV series based on this. I really liked the whole ‘preacher and detective’ main character and the slow feel of the book, as the main plot connecting all the mysteries was Sidney Chambers and his character development more than anything. Sometimes it got a little too slow but I would enjoy continuing this series.


My TBR changed quite a bit for this readathon but I managed to complete every challenge but one and got several books off my TBR that I’ve been wanting to read for a while. All in all, a really successful fun readathon.

How about everyone else?

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