Alphabethon Wrap Up


I had a fairly successful Alphabethon? I ventured off my TBR a lot and didn’t complete all the challenges but I did read five books with ‘H’ in the title or the author’s name (one didn’t fit the challenges so I haven’t included it in my wrap-up). I got around to several books I’ve been meaning to read for a while as well.

  • Read a book with double H’s. Ex. Title and Author’s first name.

House Full of Insects

I’ve had House Full of Insects for a while but never managed to get around to it. The book is short stories based around the author’s experiences in a mental hospital, both how her life went and how she dealt with her mental health while she was there. This was a far faster book than I expected with the stories being mere flashes and interesting with it.

  • Read a Historical Fiction book or a book with a Historical moment in it

Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes, #2)
Holmes is dead, over the falls with Moriarty, and a new American criminal mastermind is moving in London. Jones, from the ACD stories, and an American detective, Chase, are on his trail. I did like this book, it was a fun read, especially the second half with the twist, but I did miss seeing Watson and Holmes after the first book, House of Silk. 

  • Hook, line, and sinker – read a book that reeled you in from page one

A friend of mine recommended this author and said to start with Hunted, and she was right on the money. This was a creepy, atmospheric book with some great characters (and some not-so-great ones) and it definitely kept me reading right up until the end. Easily my favourite book of this readathon.

  • Read a book that has a character that has a name that begins with H

The Convenient Marriage
I’ve wanted to check out The Convenient Marriage for a while considering the arranged marriage trope is one of my favourites. Unfortunately, while I loved the hero, I found the heroine got more irritating as the book went on and considering it was a romance, the heroine spent more time interacting with her brother than the hero. It definitely wasn’t my least favourite of Heyer’s books, but it definitely wasn’t my favourite either.


Did anyone else take part in this readathon? How did you do?

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