Ramadan Readathon

Ramadan Readathon 2019

I wasn’t going to do this readathon originally since I discovered month long readathons and me don’t mix, but then I saw some great recommendations for me to check out and decided to sign up very last minute.

This readathon runs for the month of Ramadan, so 6th May to 4th June and it’s focus is on Muslim authors. The announcement post is here, the Twitter is here and the Instagram is here.

Ramadan Readathon Bingo

The challenges are based on the five pillars of Islam and you start at the bottom and work your way up. I’ll be focusing on the Faith/Shahadah pillar (recommendations here).

  • Free Space

The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali

  • Non-Fiction

We Are Displaced

  • Historical Fiction 

Burnt Shadows

  • Rec’d to You 

The Unquiet Dead (Rachel Getty & Esa Khattak, #1)

  • Multiple Points of View

The Kindness of Enemies

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