July TBR

So this TBR is a little late but I was actually trying to catch up on my reading and reviews at the end of June in preparation for July Camp Nanowrimo. There are a lot of things going on in July and I’m hoping to focus on all of them but reading is going to be third on my priority list, below Camp Nanowrimo and my new job.

August is the month of the N.E.W.Ts readathon where I have a list of nineteen books to read before the end of the month. Considering my luck with TBRs, I’m hoping to save a lot of my shorter books for that readathon and so I’m putting some longer books on this month’s TBR.

I started this book a few months’ ago but put it down when I got ill and the readathon finished and never picked it up again. This is a police thriller set in Japan about a missing child and there are various people we’re following throughout the book. I’m definitely going to have to restart this book because there is a very large cast of characters.

Everyone has read this book and I’ve had a copy for ages. I’ve always told myself I have to be in the mood for historical fiction but enough of that. I’ve heard good things about this but I still don’t know exactly what it’s about so I’m more than ready to dive in.

I got this book in the Fairyloot box and the readalong is this month. Let’s see if I actually manage to read the book during the days of the readathon rather than later than everyone else.

Brandon Sanderson is an author I like because he manages to write large books which are very quick reads. And while I still have to finish his Mistborn series, I thought I would start his sci-fi YA series, especially since I have a beautiful edition from my book box.


This month I think I’m going to go for trying to knock my longer books off my TBR over reading a lot of books. Along with the books above, I want to try and finish North and South and The Romanovs, which have been on my Currently Reading shelf for ages. There is a month long Alphabethon readathon (where you read a book for every letter of the alphabet) which I’ll try to complete but I won’t stick to any TBR I make now so I’ll just do a wrap up at the end of the month if I stick to it.

How is everyone else’s July TBR looking?

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