Summer TBR

Selective Focus of Starfish Between Shells on Seashore

Well, this was supposed to be a Top Ten Tuesday topic but I didn’t get this out on time so it’s just going to be a separate post otherwise half the summer will be gone! In summer, I reach for contemporaries, as most people do I’m sure, but I also reach for mysteries and thrillers. Agatha Christie is a go-to for me, but I have a few books I picked up to get to.

There’s going to be ten books on this TBR because it’s a sensible number for a three month TBR for me… no, it’s not. I like the numbers five and ten and that’s the only reason.

LiarSocial CreatureThe Dry (Aaron Falk, #1)Rivals of the Republic (Blood of Rome #1)

Never Let Me Go





  • Liar – this is set in summer and look at that cover. Is there a more perfect book for my summer TBR?
  • Social Creatures – glitzy cover and the summary sort of reminds me of The Thousandth Floor, which I had mixed feelings about so we’ll see.
  • The Dry – a mystery set in summer in Australia. Small town and lots of talk about the hot weather.
  • Rivals on the Republic – a thriller set in Ancient Rome is definitely something on my radar and I’ve had this book for ages.
  • Never Let Me Go – how long have I wanted to read this book? I’ve read previous Ishiguro books, loved one and was fairly indifferent to the others. We’ll see how this one turns out.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)Cut to the Chaise (Caprice De Luca Mystery, #8)The Last PilotPontiThe City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, #1)





  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – another reread! I just got the audiobook for this out of my library and want to take the chance to reread it, especially since I enjoyed my reread of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets so much.
  • Cut to the Chaise – I have so many ARCs still to read and what better time to get those cosy mysteries read than summer?
  • The Last Pilot – a literary novel about spacemen? Alright then, let’s give it a go.
  • Ponti – in a completely shallow way, the cover is the main draw of this book. The summary has several things which attract me to a book and several things which put me off. So I’m wary.
  • The City of Brass – I’m pretty sure the second one is out now but this is still on my shelf. It’s so big, I’m intimidated!


How is your summer TBR looking?





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