July Wrap Up

So I got to the third week of July and realised that not only had I not read any of the big books I wanted to read this month, but I also hadn’t read anything else. So my TBR was getting bigger and bigger, I was getting closer to when my library books were due back and I hadn’t read anything. So I signed up for a readathon, found out which books were due back in the library first and set myself to actually reading. This was one of my worst reading months, but I did enjoy most of what I read this month.

Books I Read

  1. North and South
  2. Black Coffee (Hercule Poirot #45.5)
  3. The Corinthian
  4. Sorcery of Thorns
  5. Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope
  6. Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night (The Grantchester Mysteries #2)
  7. Blue Dahlia (In the Garden #1)
  8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4)


Favourite Book of the Month

If we’re going to be honest, this was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but I don’t normally count rereads since if I’m rereading them, then I must have enjoyed them enough the first time. If I just look at books I’ve read the first time, my pick this month would be Sorcery of Thorns. I loved the worldbuilding and the main character was an interesting one.

Sorcery of Thorns


Least Favourite Book of the Month

This one was easy enough to pick. Black Coffee is an Agatha Christie play expanded into a novel by someone else. I liked the mystery but I found the middle of it fairly dull and slow.

Black Coffee (Hercule Poirot, #45.5)


Reading Updates

My reading for this month was very slow and unfortunately, I probably have to blame the fact that I wanted to join Alphabethon. Month long readathons are not my friend and especially when you’re meant to read books in a certain order (we’ll see how this N.E.W.T.s readathon goes this August) and when I gave up on trying to read books in the order of the alphabet, I got through far more books than I did. As I look at my July TBR, I realised I read one book, started another and finished one book which had been on my Currently Reading shelf for ages.

In order to get my reading back on track, I took part in Summer Strangeathon, which is a readathon I do like to take part in because I like their prompts. I didn’t stick to my TBR but I did manage to read a lot of books for the prompts and even posted a Strangeathon Wrap Up.

I’m finding for this year I’m posting a lot more apologies for being absent from this blog than I am actually taking part in this blog. It’s not because I’m not enjoying it, but I think after having all these goals for last year, I’m suffering a bit from not knowing where I’m trying to angle myself. In August, I have the N.E.W.Ts Readathon but for the autumn, I’m hoping to be a bit more focused on what I’m doing with this blog.

How did everyone else’s July go?

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