August TBR

This is the month where I’m taking part in one of the only month-long readathons which I actually halfway succeed in and that is the N.E.W.Ts Readathon. Consider all those books on my monthly TBR, although I’ve already strayed off that TBR. I want to take part in ARC August and since I’ve already read two ARCs, I’m already doing better than I have in previous months.

I have heard many mixed things about this book, a lot of people having this as an anticipated new release and then feeling let down. However, this book came in my Fairyloot box and since I want to take part in the readalong later this month, this book will probably get read this month.

If all these titles look familiar, that is because they were all on my June TBR and I didn’t get to a single one of them. I’m not sure why because of my list of ARCs, these are three of the ones I’m looking forward to the most. They’re a mixture of historical, fantasy and LGBTQ+ relationships – everything I enjoy in ARCs. I must get around to them this month.

My friend recommended this to me as a five star book and one everyone should read, so I requested it from the library. The main character has cerebral palsy and then there’s a murder and she’s the only witness? Or something like that. Someone else has reserved for right after me so I can’t renew it, which means I have to read it by the middle of August. It sounds very intriguing.


As well as the books above, I want to finish reading All the Light We Cannot See and Aurora Rising. The first book is slow reading because it’s a character-driven historical fiction book while the second one was going very fast up until I hit a trope I do not particularly like and I haven’t picked it up again since.

How is everyone else’s August looking?

3 thoughts on “August TBR

    1. I started the readalong late but I’ve started this book! I hope you’re enjoying it, I’ve just started it but it’s going well so far. Fingers crossed!
      Thank you!

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