Cut to the Chaise

Cut to the Chaise (Caprice De Luca Mystery, #8)Blood red is the season’s hottest color . . . 

With her wedding day mere weeks away, home stager Caprice De Luca is busy arranging every last detail for the reception at Rambling Vines Winery–a stylish venue she redecorated two years earlier. But the closer the bride-to-be gets to saying, “I do,” the more a celebration at Rambling Vines seems like a terrible mistake. As financial mishaps and unhappy customers put the winery in the red, an unidentified criminal plots to sour the business’s already ailing reputation. Worst of all, a romance from co-owner Michelle Dodd’s past could leave a permanent stain on Caprice’s best friend’s current love life. When Michelle’s aloof husband is found stabbed to death on a chaise lounge in the tasting room, Caprice vows to name the calculating culprit and set things right before her dream nuptials dissolve into a deadly nightmare …

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This is my first Caprice De Luca book and I picked it up from NetGalley as I was in the mood for cosy mysteries and it definitely won’t be my last.

In this book in the series, Caprice is organising her wedding reception at Rambling Vines Winery, as well as trying to help her friend out with her relationship and try to juggle her and Grant’s families throughout it all. And then a murder happens and Caprice is drawn into it through several connections.

I really enjoyed this book. This was the first one in the series I’m reading but I didn’t feel lost when it came to understanding what had happened in the last seven books, it was all explained clearly and concisely whenever something came up. I am curious to read the other books which came before this one but I’m wasn’t lost through <i>Cut to the Chaise</i> due to not reading the previous books. It took a little while for the murder to happen, so the first third of the book was focused on Caprice’s upcoming wedding, her in-law troubles and what was going on with her brother, but when the murder did happen, I liked how it was carried out.

There were a variety of different suspects, Caprice approached them all with questions people could get away with answering and when the ending did come about, it’s not because she had figured out something the police had missed. The plot was well-paced, though I do wish the murder had happened a little earlier in the book, and I read this in two sittings.

I did like Caprice as a main character, as well as all the supporting characters and the love interest. It was good to see conflict arise in a relationship where it wasn’t based on a big misunderstanding, though I did find Caprice’s reaction to it a little over the top. I found the variety of side characters interesting, though when it got to the end I found myself wishing the list of possible suspects was slightly less long <i>because it took me a good few pages to realise who Leon was and I had to go and double check it wasn’t the guy Michelle was having an affair with</i>.

All in all, I found I liked pretty much all the characters, as well as the animals which kept coming up over the course of the book. It would definitely be a book I would recommend and a cosy mystery series that I hope to check out more in the future.

4 stars!

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