I don’t normally take part in this readathon, though I may have taken part in it before. I don’t think it was a great success for me and I’m hoping this time will go better!

This round’s theme is ‘books with numbers in the title’ and there are so many examples in the video below. Long story short, spelled out numbers count, first, second, third count, numbers in subtitles count. Everything count as long as they have something do with numbers.

This round goes from the 18th – 24th November.


This readathon, because it has no numbered challenges, is a little bit harder to get a TBR for. I have come up with a few books I own that I want to read that have numbers in the title but this will probably change massively when it comes to the actual week. We’ll see!

Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb, #1)Six FourThe Tenth GirlThe Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1)






99 Percent MineNine Perfect StrangersTen Million Aliens: A journey through our strange planetThree Bags Full





I’ve put a great variety of books on this TBR in the hopes I’ll read some of them. I didn’t have nearly as many books for this challenge as I thought I would. Anyone else taking part in this readathon?

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