December TBR

It’s the last month of the year, the darkest month and Christmas month! I adore Christmas, so I really hope to get through some Christmas romances this month, though you won’t see any on this TBR. It’s also the month of trying to get books off my TBR so I can get my physical TBR down to a manageable level. I also looked at my list of Top Ten Books I Meant to Read in 2018 and was a little ashamed of how many books I still haven’t read. So a concentrated effort to try and get through some of them.

This is the Fairyloot book of the month. It’s a North African inspired fantasy about royal sisters who have to be the last one standing in order to rule. It sounds like a mix of Children of Blood and Bone and Three Dark Crowns, one which I liked a lot more than the other, so we shall see. It’s going to be read during a readalong so here’s hoping I can actually get to it.

I have had a copy of this book before this came out and now the sequel is out. This is how long it has been on my TBR. It’s a duel POV book about two queens, a thousand years apart and I’ve heard this switch is handled really well, which would make a change.

The controversial end book in the series! I feel like I still remember a lot of the first two books of the series, so I’m hoping I can get away with reading this with no need for rereading.

I did not enjoy the second book in the Mistborn series as much as I did the first one, helped partly by how much I disliked the romance, but I do think Brandon Sanderson’s writing is very easy to read and I want to get to it.

I can fully have all my ARCs on this list but this female/female hockey player romance novel is out on the 10th December (no matter what Goodreads says) so I’m hoping to actually get one of my ARCs read on time. Miracles have happened.


I haven’t put down a lot of books which aren’t on my Goodreads Currently Reading shelf because as soon as I put them on that shelf, I immediately don’t read them for months on end. So The Fifth Season and Strange the Dreamer are meant to be on that list but I worry that I will lose interest if I add to my shelf.

What is your December TBR looking like?

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