Magical Winter Readathon

This is another readathon in the N.E.W.Ts and O.W.Ls readathon series. This is a winter readathon which starts the 1st December. The website for this (and other) readathon is here.

The readathon is based around Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and each week a new chapter arrives on the website and there are multiple choices through each scenario which will lead you to one to three reading prompts for that week.

I absolutely love the idea of this readathon and I am very excited to go through it for the month of December. For the prompt I received and my TBR, please open the cut!


  • Read a book that features a game/competition/race

Face Off

This is a female/female romance where one of the women is a female hockey player so I think it will hopefully feature a game at some point. Plus it’s an ARC which is being published on Tuesday, so I really should get around to this.


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