Magical Winter Readathon – Week 2

This is the second week of the winter/seasonal readathon in the same kind of area as the O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts readathons. Week by week there are a series of choices on the website which give you your prompt(s) for the week.


This is the wrap up for Week 1, as well as what book I want to read for Week 2. This readathon is very much a choose-your-own-timing kind of readathon, but I like doing it week by week.

Week One Wrap Up


My TBR for Week 1 is here. My prompt was to read a book with a competition/game/race in it so I read Face Off by P.J. Trebelhorn, which is coming out on the 10th December. It is a female/female romance between a hockey player and a photographer. I posted a full review here but in short, I really enjoyed it apart from one major issue with the premise.

Face Off by P.J. Trebelhorn

After I had finished playing Quidditch, I went into the Burrow for some hot chocolate and ready for Week 2!


Week 2 TBR


I crashed into the wall with Ron so my prompt is to read a book with an orange cover! I have several books with orange covers but the one I chose was the borderline one, of course.

The Dry (Aaron Falk #1)

On my hard copy of it, the spine is orange and the top half of the book is very orange so I counted it, partly because it’s been on my TBR for ages and I want to finally get to it.

What is everyone else doing?




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