2020 Goals

Red and Yellow Fireworks

I did not make one of these posts for 2019 because I was all about taking a break and not putting pressure on my reading and that’s crap. My blogging went a little all over the place, it became a source of stress rather than a source for enjoyment and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the year before.

Due to this, I have decided to embrace the planner side of myself and set myself goals for my blogging and my reading. Some of these goals may be repeated from 2018 Goals but they were quite sensible goals for me, even if I didn’t stick to them.


  • Read 250 books
  • End the year with 90% feedback on my NetGalley shelf 
  • Read one shelf of my unread books (I have five and they are double stacked)
  • Catch up on books I receive from book boxes so I read the books when I get them
  • Take part in four month-long readathons such as Middle-grade March, Non-fiction November, Ramadan Readathon or O.W.Ls readathon.
  • Finish 5 series
  • Read 5 library books a month
  • Complete the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge
  • Read one historical non-fiction book a month.

Blue and Gold Cover Book on Brown Wooden Shelf



  • Two books reviews a week, one an ARC and one a hyped book (likely a book box choice)
  • Four blog posts outside of the reviews a month
  • One discussion post a month
  • Read a post of someone else’s and give feedback somehow
  • Schedule posts so TBRs and wrap-ups are given in a timely fashion
  • Do a catch-up of these goals every three months


I will probably add more goals when I think of them. What does everyone else plan to do in 2020?

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