Empty Shelfie Wrap Up (May)

As usually happens with month-long readathons, I forgot about it until the last week of the readathon. No matter!

Empty Shelfie ⛺ï¸�🔥🚶â€�😱

The theme this month for Empty Shelfie was camping and wow, the challenges were actually quite challenging. There seemed to be a lot of challenges where I could think of books that would fit, but I had already read them and had no desire to reread them (or it wasn’t actually possible in Station Eleven‘s case).

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May Wrap Up

Another month gone! This was a fairly busy month as well, though I definitely got a lot more reading done in the second half of the month when I had to get a lot of my library books back to the library. This month I managed to introduce my mum to audiobooks so another convert!

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Library-a-thon is a readathon based around books you borrow from your library. This is very similar to Borrowathon but I still have far too many library books at the moment. It runs from the 3rd June to the 9th June and of course it has challenges!



  • Borrow and read a book set in a country that you’ve never read a book set in before.
  • Borrow and read a book that you’ve never heard of before.
  • Borrow and read a book that’s out of your comfort zone (genre, age group, themes, et cetera).
  • Borrow and read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet.
  • Borrow and read a book recommended by a librarian or other library staff member.
  • Borrow and read a bookish book (book on the cover, “book” in the title, a book about books…).

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The Slave Prince

The Slave PrinceFor fifteen years, Thom believed he was a prince of Alpenwhist. He had climbed the castle turrets to survey his kingdom, learned to duel with the sharpest blades, and stirred up palace intrigue in disguise. But one day his identity is suddenly shattered by the revelations of a blind woman: he learns that he isn’t a prince at all, but a wretched slave.

In a kingdom where ruthlessness is part of everyday life, Thom fears this new truth could be deadly. He takes flight, running from the life he knew and the one he despises, but the call to free his people beckons him home. Armed with a magic stone that instructs him through surreal visions, he must topple his once beloved brother who has since become a tyrannical king.

A fantastical retelling of the story of Moses, Thom’s adventure forces him to question if he can succeed in his quest without truly understanding who he is. He must unravel his past, present, and future before he can set his people free.

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Top Ten Bookish Worlds I Never Want to Live In

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme. It used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish but now it is being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. I’ve been a little absent on this blog meme for the last couple of Tuesdays but I’m hoping to get back on track!

This week’s theme is Top Ten Bookish Worlds I Want to Live in/Never Want to Live In. I chose the latter because I feel like I’ve done the first option before and felt like all the answers would be very predictable.

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Borrowathon Wrap Up


The next round of Borrowathon has finished! My TBR is here if you want to get out how I did. This readathon ran from the 20th March to the 27th March.

Well, I’m always glad for an excuse to read all the library books I have. I’m part of two different county libraries, which means I can borrow books from anywhere in those two counties. Not to mention the Australian library I joined and still borrow ebooks from! This means at any one time I’ll have about forty books out from the library and added to the books I already own and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the choice. Not this week though, this week was all about reading library books and boy did I ever. I read about nine library books (and borrowed twelve but let’s not talk about that).

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