2018 Goals

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New year, new challenges!

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December Wrap Up/End of Year Wrap Up

My last wrap up of 2017! It’s been a great reading year, I’ve read a lot of books (368 books) and, more importantly, I’ve read a lot of books I’ve really enjoyed. I set myself a secondary goal of 365 books, which I did actually manage to complete, mostly by reading about twenty books in the last ten days. I got a lot of new books for Christmas (three of which I read on Boxing Day) so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to those.

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Royalty Readathon


As you know, I love royalty tropes in books (in all media really) and so this readathon is perfect for me. This is round 2 and I hope other people join me in this readathon!


  • Read a book with a hidden royal heritage
  • Read a book with a royal title (King/Queen/Prince etc)
  • Read a book with a crown on the cover
  • Read a fairytale retelling featuring your favourite fairytale royal
  • Read a book with purple on the cover

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