7 in 7 Readathon

It’s another round of 7in7! The goal of this readathon is to read seven things. Not necessarily seven books (though I will be aiming for that) but seven books/short stories/graphic novels etc. The twitter is here and this time it is running for the last full week of July, so the 23rd to the 29th July.


  • Read 7 things! Can be ANYTHING
  • Yellow on the cover and/or spine (SUMMER! ☀️)
  • Read something outside your norm/comfort zone. Try a picture book or a poem/collection, a short story, a graphic! It’s up to you!
  • Read a book that starts with your first initial!
  • Read something outside/read a book that takes place mostly outside. (You can read anything while outside, or read inside and read a book that takes place outside!)
  • Read something and make-up a drink/food to match/inspired by! (If you can/want to, you can actually make it!!)
  • Read something that takes place in your home (country or town) or is written by someone from your home (country or town)

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